How to Start Masala Chana Manufacturing Business ?


When your business belongs to the food industry, you hardly have to worry about the demand generation in the market. There is always a huge demand and spending capacity in the market when it comes to this segment. It is an even more benefiting venture for businesses who are dealing in the manufacturing section of the segment instead of the retail sector. Be it spices, or a food item that is used commonly in food preparations as well for self-consumption through processing, such items offer great potential in the market. One such segment is the Masala chana manufacturing business .

Chana has been present in many of the food ingredients in India for a very long time, it has a long history attached to it. Apart from the self-consumption aspect, chana is also bought in bulk on various occasions as an offering to various gods. Chana is used as a tribute to offer the first harvest in various rituals to the gods and hence they are demanded in bulk, thereby increasing its demand on various occasions and certain months.

One of the reasons behind the huge demand for chana is because of the various health benefits which it offers to the one consuming. Chana is considered to be high in terms of nutrients and proteins which are essential for our body and helps in overcoming various diseases and boost your immunity. Overall, it is a food item that keeps your body healthy, even if you consume chana which is processed as roasted or masala chana. Many Indian households have chana in their daily lunch time as an addition to chapati or the daily meal.

Chana is also widely produced in India and is one of the leading items in terms of export in domestic as well as the international markets. There are various huge brands that deal in the manufacturing of Chana and that explains the potential and the future of this segment. Let us dive deeper into the various essentials required for starting this business.

Licenses Required 

  • FSSAI License
  • Firm Registration
  • Current Bank Account
  • Trade Mark
  • GST Registration
  • Trade License
  • Business Pan Card
  • BIS certification

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Investment required

Masala Chana manufacturing business is a venture which can be initiated even from your own home or even on a large-scale basis. Depending on the scale of your business and the various machinery that you use, the investment amount required would vary. The total investment that would be required for starting Masala Chana Manufacturing Business in India is as follows.

Small Scale50,000 to 4.5 lakhs
Medium Scale5 to 10 lakhs

Equipment Required

In the case of the Masala Chana manufacturing business, the only raw materials which you would require for the process is chana, some added seasoning masala. If your business is on a small-scale, the machinery mentioned below may not be of your use, however, if it is on medium or large-scale, then you would need most of the mentioned machinery. The Equipment required is mentioned as follows.

A. Seasoning Tumbler

B. Conveyer

C. Compressor

D. Batch Coding machine

E. Gram Roaster Machine

F. Carton Taping machine

G. Air duct arrangements

H. Packaging machine

I. Boxes

J. Miscellaneous Equipment

Manpower Required

As we discussed above, depending on the scale of your business, the investment amount would vary and so would the manpower. Having skilled and unskilled laborers is necessary for your business to assist you in the manufacturing of Masala Chana over the long run. The manpower required is mentioned as follows.

  • For a small-scale Masala Chana manufacturing business, you would require a manpower of 1 to 2 unskilled or skilled laborers. This would also vary, depending on the type of machinery you use or the area of your manufacturing unit.
  • As for a business that is being conducted on a medium or a large scale, the required manpower would be around 4 to 7 skilled and unskilled laborers. As it is just the manufacturing process, having unskilled laborers would also be fine for your venture.

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Manufacturing Process

If your business is based from your own house, the process goes quite simple, however, if it is being carried on a medium or a large-scale level, then the manufacturing processes differ for every business. The most effective and easiest way of manufacturing masala chana is mentioned as follows.

1. Cleaning Stage

Once you have your raw material from the market or perhaps through your own supply, that is Chana, the first stage of the process is the cleaning stage. You need to clean the entire batch of Chana which you have, there are various impurities, plastic, dirt, etc.

2. Roasting Process

Once you ensure that you have removed all the impurities from the chana, the next stage is called as the roasting process. You need to heat or dry the chana which is derived after the cleaning stage. This process may take around 3 to 4 days, depending on your machinery or how long you expose the chana to the sunlight. For small-scale businesses, if you do not have appropriate machinery, then this process may take a while.

3. Cleaning and Cooling Stage

Once you have your chana roasted through the machinery or by exposing it to the sunlight, the next stage is to look after its cleaning again. There may be some small impurities after having being roasted. A fryer is used to have all the chana fried up. Once they are fried enough, the next step is to have them cool down for a while, this will ensure the quality and taste of the chana.

4. Final Stage

The last stage after letting the roasted chana cool down for a while is to add all the necessary masala and the rest of the ingredients to make it taste crunchy and as per the taste of the masses. Once this stage is done, the Masala chana is packed according to the chosen packaging material.

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