How to Start Bisleri Dealership Business in 2022

How to Start Bisleri Dealership Business

To start a business requires to learn the art of selling, it is said that if you master the art of selling, then you can sell anything, even water. The prime and the very example of the above statement is that people even pay for water, who could have thought that even water would be sold for money? We often wonder, what could be the best business model or which could be the best Franchise to go for. One of the leading and benefitting Franchises for individuals looking to start their franchise unit is the Bisleri Dealership Business.


About Bisleri Dealership


We all already know the brand value that Bisleri has created over the years. The brand name is an alternative for ‘water’. It would be every customer’s first preference to prefer Bisleri over other brands when it comes to buying bottled water. Bisleri is an Italian brand that has captured a majority of the market share in its favour as compared to its competitors. Reports suggest that it has more than 120 + plants and more than 5000 + trucks, this itself reveals the scale of their operations and how profitable the business is running at large, just in India.


In fact, over the years, the brand has not just stopped its vision in the sector of bottled water, Bisleri is also associated with drinks like Spyci, Limonata, Spyci, Pina Colada, and Fonzo. This increases their portfolio and thus helps them to extend their reach and gain a wider customer base very easily. With more than 4500 + distributors in the entire country, it has maintained its presence all across the nation. In fact, they have even started to label their product in regional languages so it becomes easier for their customers to recognize and start preferring Bisleri over their local brand. This strategy has helped the brand immensely in its success.


Advantages of Starting Bisleri Dealership Business in 2022


Since Bisleri is already a huge and well-known name in the market, with its quality, purity, and the competitive price, individuals acquiring its dealership are already at a huge benefit when compared. However, apart from the known benefits, there are also various other USP’s of the brand that are to be known. The various advantages of starting Bisleri Dealership are mentioned as follows.


A. The Indian market is all about the quality and price of the product, irrespective of the sector. Bisleri has priced its bottled water at the most competitive and affordable price for the customers. People are already aware of the quality of Bisleri water, which is of crucial importance, however, along with that, they are also presented with a competitive market price which is very affordable for them. This is one of the key advantages of having the dealership of Bisleri as both the aspects are covered by the company.


B. Another advantage of having the dealership of Bisleri is because of the innovative strategies and implementation that it has carried over the years. It is this very aspect that has assisted the company in remaining the top brand in its sector. The Doorstep delivery idea that was put forth by the company has generated huge sales and trust from the customers as it becomes very convenient for them.


C. As mentioned earlier, Bisleri has priced its bottled water at very competitive and affordable prices. If a customer has a requirement of a huge packing of bottled water, then they can also get a Bisleri which is of more than 5 litres, in fact, it even goes till 20 litres, and their lowest packing is of 300 ml. This helps the brand to cover all types of target audiences and fulfil the requirement of all the customers very easily.


D. Last but not the least is the brand value that the brand has developed over the years. As talked, Bisleri is almost a synonym for the term ‘bottled water’. It is always the first preference for any citizen of India, due to its quality, purity, and the trust that the brand has built with its customers. This gives you a major boost while starting or acquiring the dealership of Bisleri.


Investment Required for Starting Bisleri Dealership Business in 2022


Usually, dealerships are almost charged equivalent to that of the Franchise business model. If we talk about Bisleri, the brand has developed a huge brand value over the years and has more than 4500 + distributors already. The total investment amount required for acquiring the dealership of Bisleri varies according to the area, however, it ranges between 2 Lakhs INR to 5 Lakhs INR. The precise investment amount that would be recovered will be mentioned by the brand officials when you get in touch with them, however, the estimate would vary between the above-mentioned figures.


Requirements for Starting Bisleri Dealership Business in 2022


Just how every contract or deal comes with certain terms and conditions, as well as rules and guidelines, there are certain requirements or rather eligibility criterions that are to be complied with by the interested candidate for acquiring the dealership of the brand Bisleri. The various requirements for acquiring the dealership of Bisleri are mentioned as follows.


A. To start a dealership of Bisleri, the required space would be higher as you need a godown space, office, and some parking space as well if need be. Hence, the required space would be more and would range between 150 sq. ft to 200 sq. ft for office, 1500 sq. ft to 2000 sq. ft for Godown office, additional space of around 200 sq. ft for parking, if necessary.


B. There is no mention of the minimum number of employees that would be necessary in each dealership store. However, the number of employees would depend on the area of your dealership store, wider the area; more the employees should be the thought process to be followed here.


How to Apply for Bisleri Dealership in India

The recommended and the easiest way would be to visit the official website of Bisleri and apply for the Dealership. Once you visit their website, you need to click on the ‘Distributor’ tab. On clicking the tab, you would be presented with an application form, you must fill the form with the details asked. On submitting the form, you would be contacted by the staff of Bisleri within few days and if eligible the process would move further. The official website of Bisleri India is mentioned as follows,





1. Do you also get distributorship of other products of Bisleri? Ans. To an extent, yes.


2. Why is the additional space required for starting dealership of Bisleri? Ans. The additional space required is for parking, which again may differ from region to region.


3. In cities like Mumbai, what could be the investment amount? Ans. In metropolitan cities, the investment amount may touch 5 Lakhs INR

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