How to start a business with Zomato from Home?

A Complete Guide on How to Start a Business with Zomato from Home

How to start a business with Zomato from home? | StartupYo

Are you looking to start your own home-based Zomato business? If yes, this article might help you!This article will tell you about How to start a business with Zomato from home! Today, we’ll explore the exciting opportunity of launching a business with Zomato right from the comfort of your home. If you are interested in food and would love to deliver it to people, turn this passion into a profitable venture with Zomato. 

We all know Zomato; it’s our friend when we have midnight cravings. This popular platform connects food enthusiasts with restaurants and offers aspiring entrepreneurs a fantastic avenue. Whether you’re a budding chef, a food lover, or just someone eager to explore the world of online business, this guide will walk you through the essential steps to kickstart your venture. 

Before you tie up with Zomato, it is essential to understand the market first. You need to familiarise yourself with the food delivery market – identify the cravings of potential customers and find your niche.

As you start exploring this market, try to discover the types of cuisines and dishes in demand in your area. Recognize the tastes of the people that make up your target market and consider how your products might differentiate themselves and satisfy their needs. So, before you embark on your business journey with Zomato, take the time to study the market and position yourself for success.

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Benefits of starting business with Zomato

In today’s digital age, starting a business from the comfort of your home is easier than ever, and partnering with platforms like Zomato can open up exciting opportunities. 

The following are some main advantages:

  • Flexibility: Work at your own pace, enabling you to easily manage obligations both personal and professional.

  • Low Initial Investment: With lower startup expenses than traditional brick-and-mortar enterprises, entrepreneurship is more accessible.

  • Wide Customer Reach: Leverage Zomato’s extensive user base to reach potential customers beyond your local area, increasing your business exposure.

  • No Physical Store Required: Save on rental and overhead costs by operating your business entirely from home.

  • Ease of Setup: Zomato provides a user-friendly platform, making it simple to set up your online presence and start selling quickly.

  • Marketing Support: Benefit from Zomato’s marketing strategies and promotions to boost your business visibility and attract more customers.

  • Customer Reviews and Feedback: Receive valuable insights from customer reviews on Zomato, helping you improve your products or services.

  • Secure Payment System: Zomato ensures a secure and hassle-free payment process, providing you and your customers peace of mind.

  • Build a Brand: Establish and grow your brand using Zomato’s platform as a launchpad for your entrepreneurial journey.

It can be thrilling to launch a home-based Zomato business, but before you do, make sure you have the necessary paperwork ready for registration.

How to sell on Zomato from home?

If you’re thinking about starting a business from home and diving into the world of selling on Zomato, you’re on the right track! Selling on Zomato can be a fantastic way to reach customers and grow your home-based business. Let’s break down the steps to kickstart your journey.

  • Sign Up: Begin by signing up as a partner on Zomato. Visit their website or use the app to find the ‘Partner with us’ section. Follow the simple registration process, providing the necessary details about your business.

  • Menu Creation: Once registered, it’s time to create your menu. Keep it simple and clear. Highlight your best dishes or products. Use attractive descriptions to make potential customers hungry for what you’re offering.

  • Pricing Strategy: Set reasonable prices for your items. Consider your costs, competition, and what your target customers are willing to pay. Striking the right balance ensures both profit and customer satisfaction.

  • Quality Images: A picture is worth a thousand words, especially in the food business. Upload high-quality images of your offerings. Make sure they accurately represent your products to entice customers.

  • Provide Accurate Information: Ensure that all the details about your business are accurate. This includes your operating hours, delivery areas, and contact information. Customers appreciate transparency and reliability.

  • Optimize for Delivery: Zomato is all about delivering happiness to customers’ doorsteps. Be ready to meet their expectations by optimizing your operations for smooth and timely deliveries. Happy customers are likely to become repeat customers.

  • Promotions and Offers: Stand out from the crowd by running promotions and offers. Zomato often provides features to showcase special deals. Take advantage of these to attract more customers and keep them coming back.

Follow these simple steps, focus on quality, and provide excellent service. Soon, you’ll be serving satisfied customers from the comfort of your home!

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Documents required for Zomato registration

Starting a business with Zomato from home can be an exciting venture, but before diving in, you’ll need certain documents ready for registration. Here’s a simple guide on the documents you’ll need for zomato seller registration:

  • ID Proof: Provide a clear copy of your government-issued ID, like an Aadhar card or driver’s license.

  • Address Proof: Provide proof of residence, such as a utility bill or rental agreement, attesting to your residential address.

  • Business Registration (if applicable): If you have a registered business, share the official documents proving its existence.

  • FSSAI License: Ensure you have the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license for food-related businesses.

  • GST Registration: If your business turnover exceeds the threshold, get registered under the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

  • Bank Details: Provide accurate bank information for seamless transactions.

  • Menu with Prices: Prepare a clear menu with prices for the items you plan to offer on Zomato.

  • High-Quality Photos: High-Quality Images: To make your profile visually appealing, include eye-catching images of your meals and setting.

Remember, having these documents ready will streamline your registration process and build trust with potential customers. Best of luck with your Zomato business!

Talking about the financials

Starting a business with Zomato from home can be exciting, and understanding the financial aspects is crucial for success. Let’s delve into key financial considerations.

Firstly, profit margin is a significant factor in any business. It represents the percentage of revenue that remains as profit after deducting expenses. When partnering with Zomato, you earn money by selling food through their platform. 

Profit is calculated by subtracting your expenses from your revenue. First, you earn money from selling food through the platform. Then, you deduct all the business costs, like ingredients, packaging, and delivery fees. Whatever is left after subtracting these expenses from your earnings is your profit. It’s like a simple math problem: revenue minus expenses equals profit. So, to make a profit with Zomato, you need to keep your costs low and sell enough food to cover those costs and then some. 

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Focus on efficient cost management to maximize profit margins. This includes sourcing ingredients wisely, minimizing wastage, and optimizing your cooking process. Additionally, offering unique and high-demand dishes can justify higher prices, contributing to a healthier profit margin.

Commission sharing is another aspect to consider. In Zomato, commission is calculated based on the total value of orders received through the platform. Zomato typically collects a commission from the restaurant or company owner in the form of a percentage of the order value. The location, cuisine, and particular agreements between Zomato and the business are some of the variables that may affect this percentage.

For example, if Zomato charges a 15% commission and a customer orders Rs. 100, the restaurant might owe Zomato Rs.15 as commission. It’s essential for those starting a business with Zomato to understand these commission structures to manage their costs and profits effectively. Consider conducting market research to understand pricing trends in your area and adjust your rates accordingly.


In conclusion, starting a business with Zomato from home can be a promising venture. You can navigate the process smoothly by following the steps outlined in the article. Remember to focus on quality, customer satisfaction, and effective marketing. Embrace the opportunities Zomato provides to connect with potential customers and grow your business. With dedication and a strategic approach, you can turn your home-based business into a successful venture with the help of platforms like Zomato. Good luck on your entrepreneurial journey!


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