How to get import export license?

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get an Import-Export License

In today’s world, everyone is looking for many different ways to expand and grow their business beyond the realms of domestic boundaries. But going global in this cutthroat competitive era is not for everyone, before doing business on a global level one needs to follow rules and regulations. One needs to be aware of several procedures and obtain a licence before doing business internationally. But many people doesn’t know How to get import export license, go trough this entire article to get complete information.

The import and export business is full of opportunities and is growing constantly in India. Now you have made up your mind and decided to start importing and export of goods and services in India, you might be wondering how to get started. What are laws to be followed and what are licenses and other permission that are important to operate this business? 

Starting importing or exporting from India needs certain requirements, one of the prerequisites of this business is to get a code namely Import Export Code or import export licence. This code is also known as the Importer-Exporter Code.

It’s important to obtain an IEC (Import Export Code) or licence for the one who is looking to start this business inside India. Director General of Foreign Trade popularly known as DGFT issues this licence or Import Export Code which is a 10-digit code, the validity of IEC never expires and remains a lifetime, so there’s no need to update it or renew it. Without IEC neither importers can import goods nor can exporters get benefit from different schemes provided by the government in India. 

This indefinite code or import-export licence takes 5-15 days, this code is created after submitting all necessary papers, after submission, the papers can be corrected if needed. Import-export number, IEC Code Registration, IE code, IE licence, and so on are the other names of this import-export licence or IEC. Import Export License can be registered in your own name and in your corporation name. Once it is issued it will be valid for all your business branches, units, divisions, or factories. 

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Licence Required  for an import-export business

When starting an import and export company in India’s Indian Territory, firms and businesses must have this code as per government rules and regulations. Without this code, it is impossible to conduct export or import transactions. As per the rules and regulations of the Indian government, a person who is starting an import and export business in India needs to have an Import Export License, without this business licence the candidate can not conduct any kind of import-export business in Indian territories. So this Licence is important to start this kind of business inside India. 

It is because of import-export licenses the importers and exporters are able to take advantage of the government. The below-mentioned details can help you in understanding why import and export licenses are more important. 

  • It’s required for the clearance of an importer’s cargo from customs. At that time the customs officials require it because the importer has to clear his cargo.
  • The banks need to require an import and export licence when the importer sends money. This is needed because the bank receives importer’s money overseas. 
  • The exporters provide this licence to the customs port to transport their goods, without this Licence, the customs port does not give permission in transporting the goods of the exporters. So it is required for the customs port. 
  • The exporter needs to provide a licence to the bank for currency change, when the exporter gets money in foreign currency, the bank requires it to change this direct foreign currency into the native currency of the exporter. 

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The Advantages of License Registration

Import Export License business provides a variety of benefits for importers and exporters. It benefits business expansion, legal obligation, access to schemes, lifetime validity, easy updating, and much more. 

  • With the help of Import Export License the importers and exporters can access the international market. It expands the business of importers and exporters to a global level which leads to higher profitability in import export business.
  • The registration process for Import Export License is easily available online, so one can register for Import Export License from their comfort zone.
  • The import-Export licence has the benefit that it is valid for a lifetime, so the importers and exporters need not worry about its renewal or update process.
  • It also benefits importers and exporters in fulfilling their legal obligation. 
  • The Import Export License has the benefit that it does not require maximum documents but instead needs minimal documents for its registration process.
  • It benefits the importers and exporters in return, once they get a licence, they get relief from filing any return. 
  • The import-export licence benefits the participation of programs carried out by the government.
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A Deep Dive into Documents Required

So if you are now ready to start your import-export business, you must also be prepared with the documents that are important for the import-export licence registration process. Your appropriate documents should include your identification papers, business proof, address proof, bank information, and the required certificate. Below mentioned are the documents that are needed for licence registration process: 

  • Valid PAN copy proof of the individual, or PAN copy of the company or form. 
  • For identification proof, the person should have a voter Id copy, Aadhar card, or copy of passport. 
  • Cancellation cheque copies of current bank accounts (individuals/businesses/partnerships).
  • Rental agreement copy, Property agreement copy, or an electric bill. 
  • Aayaat Niryaat Form 2A Bank Certificate.
  • An envelope that should be self-addressed for the delivery of the certificate. 

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Import Export License Registration process

Once you are ready with the above-mentioned documents, now you can easily start the import-export licence registration process from your comfort zone. Once the process is done you can receive several benefits from your global business and can enjoy other different schemes from the government. 

  • In the first step of the registration process, you must prepare the Aayaat Niryaat Form in ANF-2A format. The applicant should prepare an application in this specified format and then this application needs to be filed within the DGFT Regional office which would be appropriate.
  • Once the application is filed, the next step is to prepare basic information proof, for this you must be ready with the appropriate documents like your identity, legal entity, your address proof, bank account details, and the ANF 2A bank Certificate. 
  • In the third step, you need to file the application and pay the import-export licence registration fee. Once the application and the required documents are prepared, the filing process is done with DGFT via Digital Signature Certificate and then you have to pay the registration fee. 
  • So you are done with filing the application form, now the authorities will check the application, and then your application will be approved. Once it is approved the government of India will send you the soft copy of the import export licence. Congratulations enjoy your Import Export business with licence. 
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Import Export License is an easy way from protecting your business from fines and getting closed by the government. Once you have access to this licence you can easily operate your business globally. Import Export License helps in carrying out import-export operations legally in the country. It’s important to get an Import Export License and for this, it’s important to follow the above-mentioned procedure and its required documents. Once the DGFT permits it, you will enjoy the business expansion and can get different benefits from the government. This licence is with you till the end of your business as its validity never expires.


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