How to Get Business Loan in Indifi Finance - Benefits, Features, Documents, Eligibility

Capital funding is often used by different segments of businesses to cover their short-term obligations. Finding a financing solution that is appropriate for small or large businesses is crucial. In addition to impairing your future growth, uninformed decisions can also cost you a part of your business.

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Indifi Finance Business Loan


The biggest impediment to a business’s growth is a lack of capital. In the absence of this, your business might not be able to function to its full potential and be adversely affected. When a business has more cash on hand, it can employ more staff, stock up on inventory, increase sales, expand its facilities, and promote itself better. Irrespective of your field within the business industry, you may need a business loan to keep your company running.


Capital funding is often used by different segments of businesses to cover their short-term obligations. Finding a financing solution that is appropriate for small or large businesses is crucial. In addition to impairing your future growth, uninformed decisions can also cost you a part of your business.


Businesses these days have easy access to financial aid. Getting a business loan from trusted NBFCs can ensure a quick pay-out, fees that are fully disclosed, simplified paperwork, and full disclosure.


In this article, we will examine in detail the trusted brand that many businesses seek out, which is Indifi Finance. Furthermore, in addition to discussing the application process, we will discuss the maximum loan amount, interest rates, and eligibility.


To understand the basics of a business loan, let’s first get an overview and answer the most common question:


What is a business loan?



A business loan is a form of financing provided by banks, NBFCs and other financial institutions to businesses for specific purposes.


It can be employed in many business processes, such as the implementation of projects or the acquisition of inventory. A business loan can provide you with the funding you need to cover your immediate expenses irrespective of the form of enterprise.


Different types of Business solutions From Indifi:


You can choose from four major categories of commercial loans offered by Indifi. If you take into account your own needs and those of your business, you can make an informed decision.


Term Loan

Business loans that are typically extended to small businesses are called term loans. Term loans have a pre-determined loan amount and repayment schedule. However, these loan interest rates will either be fixed or floating.


Line of Credit


A line of credit is a financial instrument provided by NBFCs, banks or other financial institutions for frequent cash inflow during difficult economic times


Merchant Cash Advance


It is most suitable for businesses whose transactions involve significant amounts of card swipes.


Invoicing Discounting



Known either as invoice discounting or bill discounting, is a method by which companies can borrow cash on a short-term basis from lenders in exchange for outstanding invoices.


Business loans can also be further categorized into two parts. Secured loans and Unsecured loans


Secured loans – The approval process for secured loans is complex and collateral is required. However; It has higher loan amounts, low-interest rates, and longer tenure.


Unsecured loans– Such loans have small loan amounts and are usually opted for by small businesses. The application procedure is fast and there are no security requirements associated with such loans. The interest rates and repayment terms are higher with these loans and involve shorter repayment terms.


Its Features:

Application online

Take advantage of the quick response times provided by Indifi which aims to minimize delays in the application procedure. As a result of their efforts to streamline the loan request, they promote online applications in an attempt to make the process as simple as possible. Online document submission makes the verification process much faster.


Collateral Free

Indifi offers an online loan application process that does not require lengthy documentation and expedites the payment process. Their sophisticated algorithm runs the applicant’s profile, thereby negating any need for collateral. These loans are unsecured, you can use them without worries since there is no collateral required for security. You can apply for this instant business loan to meet your immediate needs.


Swift Disbursal

Their loan disbursement process is fast and hassle-free. Your loan application can be processed anywhere between 48-72 hours for loans of up to a maximum of 50 lakhs.


Flexible Repayment Options

Small companies seeking easy repayment options can take advantage of Indifi’s flexible repayment plans and loan terms. As well as their competitive interest rates and convenient monthly instalment plans beginning from 1.5% each month.


Long repayment tenure

A business loan from Indifi is available for a long term of 36 months. Your loan will be subject to a surcharge if you do not make the repayment in the stipulated timeframe.


Customized Loans

It is important to understand that there is no universal approach to business loans. Using multiple lenders, Indifi can offer specialized financing solutions for companies of all sizes.


Low-Interest Rates

Interest rates on business loans are low, starting as low as 1.5% per month. However, processing fees of up to 2% apply to these loans as well.


No hidden charges

When you apply, Indifi will inform you of all fees, such as loan processing, taxes, and interest. Their fees are not hidden in any way.


Transparent Processing

With Indifi, you have the option to apply for a business loan online and complete the entire process from the moment you apply to repay the loan with EMIs. The loan repayment is free of extra fees, eliminating any reason for concern.



The main purpose of these loans is to acquire capital for essential business activities, such as equipment purchases and supplies. Additionally, these are excellent for boosting the cash flows of businesses.


Expansion of businesses- Lending plays a crucial role in human resource development, economic growth, and the building of infrastructures.


Latest Technology- Through these loans, you will be able to integrate sophisticated technology across all aspects of your business.


Procurement of Machinery- If you are planning on purchasing new tools and equipment then you should take advantage of these services.


Franchise Financing- With the help of a business loan, anyone can launch a franchise or construct an organization.


New Project- With the assistance of a business loan, you can take advantage of some of the most exciting business opportunities that can significantly increase your profits.


Tax benefits- It is worth mentioning that these loans have an advantage when it comes to interest accruing. Consequently; tax deductions can be made on those contributions.


Eligibility Guidelines for Business Loans:



Credit scores, annual income, tenure and creditworthiness are just a few of the factors that determine an applicant’s eligibility for a business loan. Indifi Finance requires prospective business owners and clients to meet certain requirements for qualification.

  • The applicant must be above 22 years of age.
  • It is recommended that your business be operational for about a year at the least.
  • Companies are required to submit a GST return for the previous year.
  • A copy of the most recent 1 year of income tax returns must be supplied with the application.
  • Applicants must submit registration documentation and bank statements for the past six months with their applications.


Fees attached to the loan and interest rate:


  • Customized interest rates, Start from 1.5% per month
  • Processing Fees, 2-3% of the loan amount plus GST
  • Loan Tenure, up to 3 years
  • Pre-closure charges, 4% of the remaining principal amount of the loan
  • Maximum loan amount, Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 50 Lacs
  • A minimum number of operational years, 2 years
  • Turnover and ITR in the last two years, more than Rs. 10 Lakhs


Documentation required for business loans:


  • Bank statements for the past six months
  • Documentation of business registration
  • Business owner’s PAN Card Copy
  • Business owner’s) Aadhar Card Copy
  • Copies of the Partnership Agreement
  • PAN Card Copy for the Company




One of the best options for businesses looking for financial aid is a business loan, which is one of many lending solutions offered by banks and non-banking financial institutions.


Companies requiring funding can benefit from business loans of any size. Additionally, it allows businesses to expand their operations and modify their business strategies in response to market demands.


Applicants should determine which type of financing is appropriate for their company based on its funding requirements and financial capacity so that the business does not become financially vulnerable. They need to determine their strengths and weaknesses before making any decisions.


Market research should be conducted first before deciding on a business loan. Additionally, companies need to plan ahead to put the loan amount to good use and make sure that the company can make the most of the loan.


Below are the Frequently Asked Questions compiled for your benefit. By reviewing them you might have a better idea of what’s involved.


The application process is simple and straightforward, only taking a few minutes on average. All you need to do is input a few details concerning yourself and your organization. Integrate your bank account information for an easy business assessment without lengthy forms, sifting through old documentation or waiting in the queue. You can get more suitable loans from the business services they have partnered with.

This kind of loan is not intended for personal usage therefore, it is only to be used for businesses to invest in growth and capital investments, among others.  Oftentimes, they are customized according to the financial requirements of MSMEs namely for business expansion, renovation, purchase of equipment, hiring new staff, or spending on marketing.

Apply for a business loan online at

If you have experienced difficulties getting a loan in the past then you should definitely consider taking one from Indifi because of the following reasons:

  • The loan amount is as high as 50 Lacs.
  • Their process is designed to make the loan application process straightforward.
  • Their basic understanding of businesses combined with several lenders will enhance your chances of getting a loan multiple time.
  • Their loans are flexible so they can be personalized to meet financial needs.
  • Repay your loan on time to raise your credit score and strengthen your credit history, which opens up a range of more attractive pre-approved loans.

 Business loans from Indifi are customized for different types of businesses. The company’s product line includes term loans, LOC, overdraft facilities, invoice factoring, and cash advances.

 Traders, manufacturers, service providers, and retailers can depend on Indifi for loan solutions. Among the different segments of businesses, they offer custom loans to tour operators, accommodation providers, hospitality businesses, merchants, and online businesses.


It is impossible to generalize all business loans. Financial lending institutions consider both your individual and the company’s credit scores, the duration of the company’s existence, and the income generated by the company to ascertain the amount of capital they intend to lend you and the rate of interest they intend to charge you.

A borrower must meet the following eligibility criteria to qualify for a short-term loan:


  • Applicants must show at least 1 year’s operating history with valid business proof.
  • Indian citizenship is mandatory.
  • You must be over 21 years old.
  • It is necessary for you to have a valid Indian bank account.
  • Information on KYC for businesses and individuals
  • If the proprietorship saving account is not current, a six-month history of banking is required.
  • Statement of Cash credit and overdraft allowances, if applicable

 Repayments of the loan can be made in several different ways, such as cheques, accounts receivable management platforms such as e-collect, NACH, digital payment platforms such as PayTM & PhonePe and so on.

They have competitive interest rates that begin at Rs. 50 a day for every Lac, or 1.5% each month, which is calculated monthly based on the reduction of the balance. An additional processing fee of 2% will also be imposed.

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