How to Get a Business Loan in Ahmedabad - Upto 50 Lakhs @Low Interest Rate

Ahmedabad boasts many entrepreneurs and quickly establishes itself as a startup powerhouse in the nation. It is also the most significant industrial hub and an important trading centre. As a result, Ahmedabad is home to several important businesses and technologies and has a sizeable population of enthusiastic businesspeople and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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How to Get a Business Loan in Ahmedabad?


The commercial capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is among the most important financial centres in India. According to Forbes, one of the cities with the quickest growth during the past ten years, Ahmedabad is home to some critical sectors, including textiles, cars, and drugs.


You must meet the following requirements to be qualified for your ideal business loan in Ahmedabad. You must hold an indian citizenship. You must be self employed. Your age should fall between the ages of 26 and 66. For three years, the business must be running.


Ahmedabad: Business Opportunity & Landscape


The “Manchester of India” and home tp textile or apparel idustries, Ahmedabad, is one of the largest industrial hubs in West India after Bombay. Over the past ten years, the city has rapidly advanced industrially and in terms of infrastructure. Ahmedabad boasts many entrepreneurs and quickly establishes itself as a startup powerhouse in the nation. It is also the most significant industrial hub and an important trading centre. As a result, Ahmedabad is home to several important businesses and technologies and has a sizeable population of enthusiastic businesspeople and aspiring entrepreneurs.


The government has launched several programmes to stimulate the expansion of entrepreneurship in the IT industry. Examples include funding new ventures with grants, holding conferences and events, and developing initiatives that give entrepreneurs access to assets they may not otherwise have. Consider being an aspiring businessperson or entrepreneur from Ahmedabad. If so, it could be wise to consider setting up your own company there, dealing with anyone from a different region of India, or engaging in any other business.


Why Do You Need a Business Loan?


A business loan is financing that helps companies with cash flow. It will help a business meet its short-term financial needs. Due to the strict lending standards, few SMEs find it hard to get loans. However, numerous banks in Ahmedabad offer business loans. Any business owner looking to begin or grow their company needs business finance. There are numerous options, so it’s a good idea to weigh the benefits and drawbacks is a good idea before deciding which is best for you.The most frequent grounds for seeking business loans are as follows:


Stock buying : Small firms frequently want quick cash to purchase inventory items or raw materials.


Expanding Operations : Depending on its projected growth rate, a company may decide to expand more than once.


Investing in Equipment : Technology is becoming a key business driver in the era of digital commerce. However, technology has a shelf life. Therefore, upgrading or purchasing newer models is usually necessary.


Boost credit score : A company needs a strong credit history to get a bigger loan.


To increase working capital:Small businessesmay lack the working money needed to conduct their everyday operations and raise working capital.


Reasons you should take a Business Loan in Ahmedabad



Due to its supportive environment for business, Ahmedabad is quickly becoming a hotspot for entrepreneurs. Piramal Finance can assist prospective business owners in Ahmedabad and elsewhere to seize the chance to grow their company, keep up with the rapid economic development, and remain ahead.


The best kind of funding for your business is a good business loan for these purposes:

  • First, getting a loan accepted from a reputable company is simple.


  • Unquestionably, it is easier to borrow money even when the interest rates are greater than those of other loan choices.


  • In addition, loans for eligible businesses have softer conditions than other credit types.


Top 10 Banks Offering Business Loans in Ahmedabad


Here are a handful of Ahmedabad’s top banks that provide company owners with valuable features. You may discover the names of the banks, the interest rates, advantages, and features, enabling you to know what to anticipate and where to apply.


Bajaj Finserv


With a commercial loan from Bajaj Finserv, entrepreneurs in Ahmedabad may strengthen their companies’ financial situation. You may quickly get the money for your company by applying for a loan for your business in Ahmedabad. It provides loans for several types of businesses, including:


Max Tenure –Seven years


Best Rate – 17%


Loan Amount – Up to Rs. 45 Lakh


Collateral – N/A




Processing Fee – 2%


Kinara Capital


Businesses classified as MSMEs can apply for business loans from Kinara Capital ranging from one lakh to thirty lakhs. By providing small company owners in India with rapid and flexible loans without the need for collateral, Kinara Capital aims to impact lives, jobs, and local economies.


Max Tenure – Five years


Best Rate  –21%


Loan Amount – 1-30 Lakhs


Collateral – N/A


Turnover – Rs. 50,000- Rs. 2 Cr. Monthly


Processing Fee 


Rapid – Obtain a loan 24 hours after application and supporting documents.


Accessibility – Easy and minimal paperwork needed for the process.


Helpful – Kinara Capital offers client support from the loan application until the due date.


Fullerton India


For company owners in Ahmedabad looking to expand their operations or launch a new venture, Fullerton India provides advantageous business loans. The organisation is dedicated to meeting your present entrepreneurial requirements and providing you with the necessary push to fulfil your business aspirations.


Max Tenure – Four years


Best Rate  –17%


Loan Amount  –Rs. 50 Lakhs


Collateral  –N/A


Turnover  –Rs. 10 Lakh


Processing Fee  –Up to 6.5%



  • As soon as you provide the required documentation, the bank gives fast in-principle authorisation for their business loan procedures.


  • On the site of Fullerton India, you may apply online for a commercial loan in Ahmedabad and maintain your loan account.


Piramal Finance


Piramal Finance works hard to fulfil your financial requirements and offer your new or current business the push it requires. Our business loans can help you expand your business since they are easy to apply for, have flexible eligibility restrictions, and are disbursed quickly and without difficulty.


Max Tenure  – Three years


Best Rate  – 12.5%


Loan Amount  – 3-10 Lakh


Collateral  – N/A




Processing Fee  – Up to 4%


Tata Capital


Specialised business loans are available from Tata Capital, starting at Rs. 5 lakh and rising to Rs. 75 lakh. If no security is required, commercial loans are not fully secured. Tata Capital’s business loans make it easy to obtain SME, machine, and mobile equity loans. Every loan provides choices for structured EMIs that let you tailor it to your company’s needs. This will assist you in predicting how your cash flow will behave.


Max Tenure  – 1-3 years


Best Rate  – 19%


Loan Amount  – Rs. 40,000-1.5 Lakh


Collateral  – N/A


Turnover  – Last three financial years’ documents


Processing Fee  – 1.5-2%




SME loans are available in India through Lendingkart Finance Limited, a non-deposit-taking NBFC.


The organisation wants to change small business financing by making it easier for SMEs to get loans. The business uses technology and analytics techniques to rapidly and accurately assess the credibility of small businesses by analysing thousands of pieces of information from various sources.


Max Tenure  –Three years


Best Rate  – 16%


Loan Amount  – Up to Rs. 1 Cr.


Collateral  – N/A


Turnover  – 90,000/Quarter


Processing Fee  – 2-3%




Vadodara serves as the home base for ICICI Bank Limited, an international bank and supplier of financial services. The firm provides a comprehensive range of financial products and solutions to corporate and retail customers through subsidiaries in financial products, health insurance, non-life insurance, venture funding, and asset management.


The absence of collateral or security standards, the provision of an overdraft facility, and the bank’s comprehensive branch network across Ahmedabad and other Indian states are just a few benefits of this loan. In addition, loan processing is quick and straightforward.


Max Tenure  – Three years


Best Rate  – 15.5%


Loan Amount  – Rs. 1 Lakh-Rs. 40 Lakh


Collateral  – N/A


Turnover  – Rs. 15 lac for salaried; Rs. 40 lakh for non-salaried


Processing Fee  – 0.99%-2%


IDFC First Bank


One of the Indian private sector banks controlled by Mumbai-based integrated infrastructure finance corporation IDFC is IDFC First Bank.


The benefit of IDFC First Bank is that they support business owners by providing business loans for various uses, such as purchasing equipment and upgrading the company. However, you must repay the IDFC business loan in three equal payments.


It is hence known as a company instalment loan (BIL).


Max Tenure  – Four years


Best Rate  –19%


Loan Amount  –Rs. 1 Cr.


Collateral  – N/A


Turnover  – Minimum Rs. 1 Cr


 Processing Fee  – Up to 3.5%


Axis Bank


Axis Bank Limited, formerly UTI Bank, is one of India’s leading banking and financial services providers. Its financial services are available to large, medium-sized, and small businesses. So if you want a business loan, Axis Bank might be the most acceptable option. Axis Bank, which has its main office in Mumbai, offers to finance for your business needs.


Max Tenure  – Three years


Best Rate  – 14.25%


Loan Amount  – Up to Rs. 50 Lakh


Collateral  – N/A


Turnover  – Rs. 30 Lakh


Processing Fee  – 2%




Startups may grow their company by receiving additional financial support from HDFC Bank. Every business may obtain financing from HDFC with minimal paperwork, flexible payback options, and affordable interest rates. In addition, the bank provides loans for various business requirements, including capital and other requirements for firms.


Max Tenure  – Four years


Best Rate  – 18.75%


Loan Amount  – Up to 40%


Collateral  – N/A


Turnover  – Rs. 40 Lakh


Processing Fee  –0.99%


Conditions for Loan Eligibility



The following are the qualifications for an uninsured business loan in Ahemdabad:

  • Private limited corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, and other business entities involved in the production, trade, or service provision may be eligible for business loans.


  • The candidate must be at least 22 years of age. In addition, the age of these applicants must be under 65 when the loan expires.


  • Candidates must have at least 3 years of experience in the sector. In addition, there should be at least five years of business experience.


Many lenders are drawn to Ahmedabad’s commercial savvy and entrepreneurial spirit. Businesses must be customised, including their growth plans.


The following requirements must be met for you to be eligible for a small business loan in Ahmedabad:

  • Owners, independent contractors, partners, members of private limited businesses, and organisations in Ahmedabad that provide manufacturing or trade services


  • Businesses must generate at least Rs. 10 lakhs in revenue.


  • Businesses that have generated money during the last two years


  • A company’s yearly revenue must be at least two lakhs.


  • The following is a list of Ahmedabad small business loans starting at Rs 50.


Documents required for a Business Loan


The following documents are required to apply for a business loan:

  • But, first, we need them to evaluate your financial status based on your last six months’ bank statements.


  • A legitimate copy of the PAN card and other forms of identification are needed for a person, or ganisation, or business.


  • A business license, ITR, sales tax certificate, or evidence of establishment are acceptable forms of paperwork for your business’s founding and continued operations.


  • You can present your passports, driver’s licence, ration card, or voter ID card for residence verification.


  • If necessary, additional documents might include a certified copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, a Partnership Deed certification, or a Sole Proprietorship declaration. The firm Director must certify the resolution of the Board.


  • Along with the balance sheet, the most current ITR with the revenue calculation, and the Statement of Profit and Loss for the previous two years, we also need income records. The accounting records must be made to receive a CA certification.


Documents required to obtain a business loan:

  • Aadhaar Card


  • Voter Card


  • Passport/Driving License


  • Utility bills (Telephone / Electricity Bill)


  • Job card


  • KYC documents


  • Last 3 months’ salary details


  • ITR for the past 2 years/ Form 16


  • Collateral details


  • Bank statements for the previous six months


The list above is not all-inclusive. Your financial situation, the lender’s policy , the loan you’re seeking, and the bank’s risk assessment will all impact the documents you must supply.


The process to Apply for a Business Loan in Ahmedabad


Obtaining a company loan is not simple. It’s not necessarily doable, though. The first step is to understand the bank’s standards and fill out the application form appropriately.


In Ahmedabad, several financial institutions provide business loans, and each may have various specifications. As a result, to swiftly obtain a small business loan in Ahmedabad, you should examine these factors. Then, with the bank, you may make a payment.


The lender is adamant about dispelling the misconception around the commercial loan application procedure, which frequently conjures up images of long lines of individuals waiting in line and forever waiting to see how your loan is progressing.


Therefore, we have developed a quick, simple, intuitive loan application procedure.

  • Visit an Ahmedabad, India, business loan branch or store.


  • Before submitting an application for any kind of company finance, it’s critical to confirm that you fulfil any minimal eligibility requirements and submit all required paperwork.


  • By providing your information and selecting the necessary loan amount and payback term on the offline business loan application form, you may apply for a loan.


  • Before accepting go through the T&C.


  • Please provide a photocopy of your income verification and KYC papers, among other documentation.


  • The choice to approve your company loan will be made once your application has been filed and validated. The funds will be promptly deposited into your account after approval.


  • The registration process will undergo several verification processes in which the supplied information will be compared to the supporting documentation.


  • You will have a customised loan proposal following the conclusion of the loan verification procedure.


How long does it require to get a business loan application approved?


Every company’s expansion plan must include commercial loans in some capacity. However, applying for a bank loan is not as straightforward as it may appear, and many things must be considered.


Before applying, you should know the loan approval procedure. Because loan approval may take a few days to a week, you should look into alternate options if you need money quickly.


To know more details on SME loans from Ahmedabad . You can email or call at  +918886666821.


Yes, you can apply for government loans for your new firm. One can apply for Mudra Loan Scheme for a government loan.

Make sure to complete the entire proceeding:

  • First, find out the amount of capital reequired
  • Using self-funding, you can make credit flow of your firm.
  • Second, get cash invested in your venture.
  • Third, utilise crowdfunding to finance your enterprise.
  • Fourth, get a loan for your small business.
  • Programs for SBA investments.

Here are a few of the government’s various categories of loans:

  • Agricultural Loans.
  • Housing Loans.
  • Loan Repayment.
  • Education Loans.
  • Veterans Loans.

As mentioned in the above article, each bank has its criteria for eligibility and approves loan amounts accordingly.

Several banks

offer unsecured loans with no requirements of collateral, while a few offer

partly secured loans and might ask to submit collateral for business loans in Ahmedabad.

Documents required for KYC verification

: PAN Card

  • Address proof

: Rent Agreement, Voter’s ID, Ration Card, Driving Licence, Passport

  • Documents required concerning Banking

: Past 6 months’ current account bank


  • Documents needed for Business KYC

: Certificate of GST Registration and Shop


  • Documents related to Finances

: Two years’ Audited financials, Previous 2 years’ ITR

and GST Returns of 6 months

While there are just processing fees which banks charge other than the interest rate on a business loan, that is a certain percentage of the loan amount. But, a few banks charge additionally for value-added services and otherwise

Business loans in Ahmedabad are helpful for the applicants to expand their business in the state and finance their company to add more resources worth the value to develop your business.

Most lenders offer a maximum loan amount of Rs 5 CR, while some have set their business loan amount limit to Rs 50 lac or less. The lender disperses the amount per the business’s and its owner’s requirements by assessing all their eligibility parameters.

Direct Debit are the most preferred modes of repayment by loan takers of a business loan. You can even opt for ECS and PDCs.

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