How to Do Instagram Marketing for your Small Business

How to Do Instagram Marketing for your Small Business  
The concept of Entrepreneurship has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. We can see new start-ups and small businesses emerging and growing every day. Most of the start-ups and new ventures are started on a small-scale basis and with years they evolve into medium and large-scale businesses. However, every small-scale venture faces a hurdle that makes it difficult for them to scale their business and acquire new customers. Due to lack of Capital, small business owners are always a step behind when it comes to marketing. This is where the concept and the advantage of using Instagram for Marketing your business comes in.  

Why Instagram Marketing? 

We all know about Instagram, a social media platform that accounts for 1 billion active users. Even if your small business deals within just one country, one state, or even one city, you can make optimum use of the platform. The various reasons why you should consider Instagram Marketing are as follows. 

1. Less Budget  

One of the major reasons why small business owners avoid Marketing is the lack of capital or the budget. They are afraid that if their marketing campaign fails, they may lose the much-needed capital in the failed campaign and derive no results from the same. However, if we talk about Instagram, the platform is free to use and even if you pursue Instagram Advertisement, your capital spent would be less. 

2. Increasing Your Reach  

If you have no presence on social media platforms like Instagram, your reach becomes very limited, to be more precise, it would stretch only to the area or city where you operate. Instagram gives you an opportunity to expand your reach and develop customers from different states and even different countries. Imagine having an unknown customer from a different state or country enquiring about your product? 

3. Easy to Use and Setup  

To have your own business account on Instagram requires no hard and fast knowledge about the platform. It is very easy to set up your account on Instagram and after gaining some basic knowledge you can easily use it to market your product.  

Instagram Marketing Ideas for your Small Business 
We know the benefits of having an Instagram account of your small business and the various results which can be gained. But the question is, which are the best marketing ideas to achieve results? Below mentioned are some of the best ideas for Instagram marketing. 

1. Using Instagram Stories 

Instagram Stories is an important tool that can be used by you for showcasing the different products which you have to offer to the customers. Posting frequent Instagram stories would help you to develop a brand value for your business and spread awareness for your products.  

2. Marketing through Influencers  

This is one of the effective ideas which most of the small business owners and huge brands opt for. There are various influencers on Instagram who have a readymade audience, you can pay the influencer a certain amount and have them market about your business with their audiences. Through this method, you can reach a wide audience and build yourself a brand name on the platform. 

3. Using Hashtags  

Many Instagram influencers emphasize on using hashtags for every post that you have posted on Instagram. Hashtags help you to reach a wider audience when you are posting your content and people looking out for those hashtags may come across your posts. In a nutshell, hashtags lead your post to the people who are interested in content or post which are related to those tags, hence, you should use hashtags often in every post. 

4. Go for Reels or Videos 

You definitely dominate in the photos section, but you can also take advantage by posting videos on Instagram or even Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels is a recently introduced feature and people generate more leads through such Reels and videos. Reels become very engaging and attractive for viewers if you post the right type of content. Along with photos, you should also consider posting Reels or Videos. 

5. Instagram Giveaways  

If you want instant or good engagement on your page from the start itself, then holding a giveaway on Instagram is the best choice. Instagram Giveaway is giving over free products or an item to a winner drawn on random, in return, you can ask the participants to tag 2 or 3 people in the comments and to follow as well as post your content on their stories. This can give you a good boost and gain you some followers as well as create awareness. 

6. Collaboration  

If you feel that marketing through Instagram Influencers is not a step that you are ready to take, then you may consider collaborating with other Instagram accounts and help each other grow on Instagram. There are many new Instagram users who are open for collaboration, you can take advantage of the same and grow your business. 

7. Engaging with Followers 

It is difficult to develop a following on Instagram when you are new to the platform, however, you can maintain those followers by engaging with them. You can reply to all the comments that are posted on your content, engage with them, keep them updated with any new product or any sale that you are offering, this would help you to build a loyal customer base.  

8. Instagram Advertisement  

This will be your most effective strategy in the long run. Instagram Ads is a marketing tactic that is used by all large brands and small-scale businesses. By setting up the right type of budget, audience, preferences, you can reach a huge audience through Instagram Ads and build your business in a very effective way. However, you would need good knowledge about how Instagram Ads work before attempting the strategy. 


Instagram Marketing helps small business owners to develop their own brand value and reach a wider audience very easily. Various ideas for Instagram Marketing are Using Instagram stories, marketing through influencers, using hashtags, Instagram giveaways, opting for Reels and videos, collaboration, engaging with your followers, and doing Instagram Ads.  

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