How to Hire and Manage Employees for Startup 2021

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How to Hire and Manage Employees for Start-up in 2021 

The first step after laying the foundations of your start-up is to start with employing your staff or the employees that would aid you in your business. Employees play a major role in the progress of your business and your goals as an organisation and also on an individual basis. Hence, it is also important for you to hire the right employees for your job and learn how to manage them throughout. Below are the few methods through which you can hire and manage employees for your start-up.  

Build your brand 

 What does building your brand have to do with hiring the right employees? It is simple, any employee would prefer working with or in an organization that is growing, and that has a brand value. Working with a renowned or a growing brand makes them feel better and dedicated towards their work, it also makes talented and dedicated aspiring employees offer their hard-work willingly for your brand. Hence, it would give you a very good outcome if you focus on building your brand value.  

The Hiring process 

 You can go slow. Hiring is an important task; you can carry out interviews according to the type of candidate you are looking for. Remember, it is your business you can take as much time as you want to hire and carry out interviews. You will have a long list of candidates, hence, you can take your time and wait patiently until you come across the right candidate.  

Hire and Manage Employees for Startup 2021


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Vision and Goals 

Your employees should also be hired according to your organization’s visions and goals. They should be able to see the vision which you foresee and give their dedication accordingly. If their likings and thought process do not match with yours or the work you assign them, then that would be pointless and a difficult situation for both sides. Ultimately, your employees should be hired on the basis of their mindset towards your start-up’s goals and the future vision of the entrepreneur. 


 Sometimes, looking out for the right employees in every field of work becomes difficult and time-consuming as an entrepreneur. This normally happens with start-ups that are carried on a large-scale basis. In such circumstances, covering all the points to have quality employees might be difficult, hence, a good method would be to outsource a few of the suitable position. Such as an Accountant, Financial manager, etc. Outsourcing can save you time and also hand you the right employees in bulk. 

Keep building your network 

This point would probably help those start-ups which are on small scale basis and looking for a handful of quality staff. If you have fewer recruits you can easily focus more on the merits of your selected employees. You can use online blogs or even social media platforms such as LinkedIn to find the candidates you are looking for. You can constantly keep building your network by attending events and connecting with people who may lead you to your future candidates or employees, who match your likings and passion.  

Be a Great Place to Work 

If your recruitment process goes well, the next stage is retaining those employees in the long run. What does to retain mean here? Retaining simply means, having the employees stay to work in the longer run, they shouldn’t feel restless or unwilling to work at your place or have any negative review or complaint about their work. You can refer to Henri Fayol’s principles of management to keep yourself as a great place to work along with managing your staff or employees in the long run.  

Encourage and manage 

As our earlier point suggests that managing your employees can become a difficult task and cost you your employee if not handled well, hence, it is important for you to learn how to manage them. One of the effective ways is to involve them in your business decisions by asking them about their feedback, opinions, or ideas about the business. You should encourage and appreciate them if they showcase any talent or for their hard work. It is rare to have talent, if you have employees who do, you should value and appreciate them for the same. 


As we understand, hiring employees can be difficult if not planned perfectly and a wrong employee can also disrupt the culture of your business. You should choose employees on the basis of their goals and likings to your brand. As for managing the employees, you should constantly encourage and look out for their interests as well. 


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