Haryana Shops and Establishment Act

In-depth Guide to Haryana Shops and Establishment Act Registration

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Haryana Shops and Establishment Act was enforced to provide and protect the rights of Haryana employees in all the shops and commercial establishments of the notified area. All the Shops and Establishments in Haryana follow the Punjab Shops And Commercial Establishments Act of 1958. The rules and regulations of this Act apply to all the shops and commercial establishments based in Haryana. 

The Haryana Shops and Establishment Act made provisions for regulating and provided different rights for the Haryana working class, such as wages, service terms, working hours, intervals for rest, operating hours, holidays, closed days, leaves, maternity leave, equal opportunities, working environment, child labor rules, benefits for female workers, records maintenance, hygienic conditions, health care facilities and more. All types of the working class, like Inter-state migrant workers, Intra-state migrant workers, and local workers, come under this Act. 

Haryana Shops and Establishment Act offers multiple benefits to the registration business in Haryana. Its registration certificate acts as legal proof for the business operators inside the boundary of Haryana. This registration can help you at the time of business checking and inspections. As its license is an official document, you can not face business fines and penalties. It makes business owners eligible to open a business account for daily business transactions.

Business owners need not pay extra fees under the Haryana Shops and Establishment Act. Its registration process is entirely online business owners can register from anywhere. Different government schemes and programs can only be enjoyed by registered businesses following the rules and regulations set by the Haryana Shops and Establishment Act. 

This Act has made provisions that regulate the peaceful working environment in the establishments of Haryana for both employers and employees. It also helps in securing the rights of working class Individuals. This Act also makes decisions related to wages, holidays, management of working hours, and more. 

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Documents required for Haryana Shops and Establishment Act Registration

It’s impossible to start a Haryana Shops and Establishment Act registration process without access to the required registration documents. Mentioned below are some necessary documents that help in the completion of the Haryana Shops and Establishment Registration process: 

  • PAN card of the business entity that is going to get registered. 
  • Applicants have valid Aadhaar cards.
  • Applicants Voter ID. 
  • Applicant’s Driving license. 
  • Rental agreement of the business place, in case it’s not owned.
  • Passport-size photographs of the owner.
  • Photo of the shop with its owner 

How to get Haryana Shop and Establishment Registration 

The Haryana Shop and Establishment needs to get registered under the Haryana Shop and Establishment Act. StartupYo quickly provides Haryana Shop and Establishment Registration for the entities operating in Haryana at reasonable prices in the market. Our team support remains available every time so that the applicants can get answers to their questions anytime. With StartupYo, your Haryana Shop and Establishment Registration will be done quickly without taking your time and effort. 

Under a few basic steps, our experts will easily create your login ID and password. Next, our professionals will focus on building your Basic Information Performa with your exact details. After putting all the necessary information in Basic Information Performa, our experts will add the required documents. Once done, we will pay the prescribed fee per the Haryana Shop and Establishment Act. Finally, our professionals will check the filled application’s correctness and submit your application.

After submission, we will start updating you about the application status. Once the authorities finish the inspection verification, we will provide you the registration certificate of your Haryana establishment within no time at your desired site. The Haryana Shop and Establishment Registration fee ranges from Rs 100 to Rs 5000 per the type of establishment, their registration period, and the total number of employees working. 

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Haryana Shop and Establishment Registration fee

Number of EmployeesShops and Establishment Act Fee structure for 3 year
Self-employed shops and commercial establishments are operated by the shopkeeper only.₹ 100
Establishments with less than 10 employees.₹ 300
Private institutes of education, petrol pumps, and nursing homes₹ 500
Private institutes of education, petrol pumps and nursing homes₹ 1000
Establishments that are managed by 10 or more than 10 employees such as banks, Theatres, cinema halls, IT hubs, starred hotels, and telecommunication.₹ 5000


It’s essential to follow the rules and regulations of the Haryana Shop and Establishment Act in order to operate in the Haryana area. Before getting started with your business in Haryana, it’s mandatory to register your business under the Haryana Shop and Establishment Act. After registering your business with the Haryana Shop and Establishment Act, you can start operating legally inside the territory of Haryana. This Act is essential as it helps businesses develop quickly and easily succeed. 


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