Ginger Garlic Paste manufacturing Business


How to Start Ginger Garlic Paste Manufacturing Business 

Those who use Ginger & Garlic paste regularly in their kitchens understand its importance in cooking. Ginger & garlic paste is used for flavoring ketchups, sauces, curries, etc. Ginger and garlic paste adds a very pleasant aroma, flavor and a touch of heat to the food. Though ginger and garlic paste can be prepared at home, a ready-to-use ginger garlic paste saves a lot of time especially for employees and chefs. With increased earnings of population, the focus has shifted from affordable and cheap food to healthy and tasty food. Food delivery services have given the food industry a great transformation. Both, increased expenditure on food and food delivery services, have contributed to the growth in the Indian food industry that cannot survive without the ginger garlic paste. Given this scenario, it is quite imperative that there is a huge demand for ginger garlic paste at domestic and commercial level.

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 Ginger and garlic are commercial crops grown in India. They are cultivated in Kerala, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. Garlic is mainly used in cooking and in medicinal preparations. India has been the largest producer of Garlic followed by China. In India, Assam is the largest producer of ginger. Coming to garlic, China is the largest producer of garlic and is closely followed by India. Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan are the major garlic producing states in India.US is the major importer of garlic. 

Who can start a ginger garlic paste business?

Starting a ginger and garlic paste business is easy as it only requires grinding ginger and garlic after cleaning. If you plan to start a ginger garlic paste business, make cleanliness and hygiene a priority as that is the only major requirement from the customers. It can also help you compete with other brands in the market. The manufacturing process of ginger garlic paste is simple and hence, this business can be taken up easily especially by women and students. You can keep your Ginger & Garlic paste own Manufacturing Plant right at your home.

To start, you would require registering a firm, getting GST registration, MSME/SSI registration, trade license, and an FSSAI license.

Ginger and Garlic Paste Manufacturing Process 

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To manufacture ginger garlic paste at the commercial level, proper planning is required to make profits. The basic steps for starting a ginger garlic paste are:

Acquiring raw material: choose ginger and garlic of high-quality so that the color, aroma, and taste are good. 

Cleaning: ginger and garlic obtained from farmers or market have a lot of dirt as they grow under the ground. They require a thorough cleaning to remove impurities. 

Peeling: Peel the skin of ginger and garlic. Not peeling them makes the makes coarse and impacts taste.

Crushing: Crush the prepared ginger and garlic to make grinding easy. 

Pulping: Make a fine paste of crushed ginger and garlic using a pulper machine. Other materials and seasonings like salt, turmeric, and water can be added at this stage. Preservatives can also be added to increase shelf life.

Packaging: Pack the ginger-garlic paste into sachets, packets or bottles. Ensure a tight packaging to preserve its aroma and taste. Research on the most selling quantity. Ginger garlic paste packed in tins has longer shelf life.

Setting-up a Ginger Garlic Paste Production Unit

Select a location that is suitable to store raw material, finished products and machinery. For a fully automated unit, the power supply is a must. Pick a location that is close to urban area for easy marketing.

Ginger Garlic Paste production unit can be either Semi-automatic (suitable for small scale) or fully automatic (suitable for large-scale unit). For a fully automated production unit, you will require the following machinery:

 Pressure water pumps

Water Jet Washer

Peeling Machine


Pulping Machine

Stainless steel tanks

Packing Machine

Pouch Sealing Machine

Weighing machines

Marketing Your Ginger Garlic Paste

Restaurants are the main customers of ginger garlic paste. Focus on branding and advertise at locations visited by potential customers like cookery shows, grocery stores, culinary schools, etc. Also, explore exporting at a later stage.

How much profit is there is a ginger garlic paste manufacturing company in India?

Ginger and garlic paste business can bring significant profits. Both ginger and garlic are easily available in India. The process of making ginger garlic paste is easy and can be produced using minimal machinery and capital thereby bringing good profits. One can easily make profit margins starting from 20%.

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