FSSAI is a food license that is required by every business dealing in the food sector within a Central

All businesses dealing in manufacturing, storage, transportation, retailing, marketing, distribution, etc. of food & beverages need to acquire this license. To avoid the complication, StartupYo provides professional services to help you acquire the license easily.

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What is FSSAI Central License?

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a self-governing body under the Ministry of Health & Welfare, Govt. of India. FSSAI looks after the safety and the customer’s reliability on the quality and consumption of drinks and food products that they purchase. The primary purpose of the FSSAI License is to give that assurance and help the businesses to channel trust among the customers who are in the process of deciding to buy the product.


Overview on FSSAI Central License

FSSAI (Food Safety Standard Authority of India) is a significant government-supported element that manages the food sector in India. It has laid out endless rules and arrangements to encourage food safety the country over. By and by, each food business in India is ordered to get an appropriate food permit to direct its business activity. Under FSSAI, there are two kinds of FSSAI license, namely, the Central FSSAI license and Central FSSAI license. If your business activity is within multiple Centrals, of the country then you need an FSSAI Central license to carry your business operations within the many different Centrals of the country.

The FSSAI Central licenses are required for the manufacturers, storage, transporters, retailers, marketers, distributors, etc. This license is issued by the concerned FSSAI Regional offices in each Central. Apart from this those Businesses having annual turnover over 20 crores and having their business operations within the territory of multiple Centrals are eligible for the same.

Which Businesses Require FSSAI Central License

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There are various categories of business sectors that are required to acquire the FSSAI Central License. All the business that comes under this scope is mentioned as follows.

A. Restaurants

B. Distributors

C. Clubs

D. Canteens

E. Wholesalers

F. Food Processers

G. Suppliers

H. Transporters

I. Manufacturers

J. Storage, and so on.

Why is FSSAI Central License so Important?

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The question arises, why is it necessary for a business to acquire the license set forth by an autonomous body? The importance of acquiring an FSSAI Central license is as follows.

A. In case things go downhill and there is any legal proceeding against your business in any of the Centrals with regard to the food, then the FSSAI Central license can act as a preventive measure for you.

B. The license is granted to your business after the verification of how you manufacture or indulge in the food, hence it gives an assurance at the end.

C. For acquiring government tenders or corporate businesses, having an FSSAI

license gives you an upper edge over your competitors who don’t have the license.

D. FSSAI license acts as an assurance that the food is harmless and it is safe for consumption for your customers.


E. The license holder can use the FSSAI logo for promotional activity as it grants credibility to your business.

Eligibility for Acquiring FSSAI Central License

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Apart from the sector, a business must also pass certain eligibility criterions and the guidelines that have been given forth by the regulatory body. The businesses that are eligible for acquiring Central FSSAI License are mentioned as follows.

A. Dairy facilities producing milk solid with an annual production of 50000 litres or 2500 megaton

B. Processing facilities producing vegetable oil with a daily production volume of 2 MT

C. Slaughter facility with a daily capacity of:

1. 50 large animals 2. 150 small animals 3. 1000 poultry birds

D. Meat processing facility having daily production capacity of 50 KG or 150 megatons

E. Food processing facility having a daily production of 2 megaton

F. Food business shipping food article abroad

G. Facilities are having a refrigerator facility or cold storage having a storage capacity of 1000 megatons or more.

H. Wholesalers involved with the food business have a yearly turnover of more than Rs 30 crore

I. Retailers & distributors of food articles having an annual turnover of more than Rs 20 crores

J. A business dealing with catering service or food marketing having a yearly turnover of more than Rs 20 crores

K. Restaurants, eating house having annual turnover of INR 20 Crore

L. Food catering facilities working in government-based agencies

M. Food catering units in establishments employed under the aegis of government, including seaport and airport as well

Advantages of Having a FSSAI Central License

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Each license is put forth and granted with the intention of benefitting not just the customers but also all the businesses that are engaged in the food sector. The various advantages of having a FSSAI Central License are mentioned as follows.


1. Brand Value and Awareness

For any brand, having an exposure in the market is the first stage towards success. FSSAI Central license helps your business by creating an awareness about your brand and increasing the brand value with its importance. It also grants you the permission to open and run your business throughout the country.


2. Marketing

Promotions play a key role for any business when it comes to spreading the word about the brand and acquiring customers. With FSSAI Central license and its symbol on your brand, you can use it as a marketing tool for your business.


3. Schemes and Opportunities

Having a FSSAI Central license, helps you to open doors towards many opportunities and even various schemes. This helps you to assist yourself in the business and take advantage of the various schemes and opportunities.


4. Safety

Safety and the hygiene of the food is the primary concern for all the customers out there. With the inclusion of FSSAI Central license, it helps them to understand and qualify your brand as being safe and hygiene, thereby building trust.


5. Legal Benefits

In scenarios where there is some legal challenge, FSSAI Central license can act as a safeguard for your business and help you to avoid many penalties which you might have incurred otherwise

Documents Required for FSSAI Central License

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Apart from the usual, an individual requires various documents to have their FSSAI Central License. The required documents are as follows.


A. Form-B duly completed and signed by the proprietor or owner.

B. Blueprint or layout of the location.

C. Contact details of the Directors.

D. The list and details of the equipment and machinery types.

E. Proprietor’s photo ID and address proof issued by the Government of India. In the case of a company, the Directors photo ID and address proof.

F. Analysis of water report from a recognised/public health laboratory.

G. Proof of possession of premises.

H. Pesticide residues report of water in case of units manufacturing mineral or carbonated water from recognised/public health.

I. NOC and copy of the license from the manufacturer.

J. Food Safety Management System plan or certificate.

K. Source of milk, if applicable.

L. Source of meat and meat processing units, if applicable.

M. NOC from the municipality and local body, if applicable.

N. MCA Incorporation Certificate, if applicable.

O. If applicable, supporting proof of turnover.

P. NOC/PA issued by FSSAI

Q. IE Code issued by DGFT for importers.

R. A Certificate provided by Ministry of Tourism, if applicable.

S. Supporting proof of turnover for vehicles, if applicable.

T. FSSAI Declaration Form.

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No, FSSAI State license is enough. Although if you have expansion plan, then you may go for it.

Yes, as it comes under the FSSAI’s mentioned category.

Yes, you need to renew your license once it is near the expiry date.

You need to initiate a formal renewal request before 30 days of expiry.

Conducting food business without FSSAI license is a punishable offense as per FSS Act, 2006.

No, almost all of them have the same requirement.

Yes, after filing of the application, there will be an on-site check by the authority.