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How to choose your first franchise 

Excited to get into a world of  Franchise? In this webinar, you will learn how to choose your first franchise.

2 Hours Total Length

Starts On March 4th 2023 at 3:00pm

everything you need to

Become a Successful Franchise owner

How to choose franchise ?

Challenges of Franchise

Investments, documents requirements 

How to choose Location

growth & Expansion

ROI expectations

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Meet our Speaker

Dhinal Baxi

The Best Franchise Solution with 10+ Years of Experience. A Leading and dynamic franchise consultancy started in 2012 by Mr Dhinal Baxi and Mr Sameer Desai. With the vision of becoming India’s best Consultancy Services, we strive to assure the franchise’s expansion and advancement. With 1100+ brands listed on website, 100+ talks show, seminars and webinars conducted. Awarded more then 100 Franchises.

What You'll learn in this webinar

History of Franchise

You’ll get to  learn Introduction of top franchises with hundreds of business opportunities as per your preference and place and how to boost your existing brand, help in its expansion and growth.

  • Currently working with 500+ brands.
  • 1000+ successful franchisees.
  • 200+ Successful franchisor.
  • Rise 1000+ entrepreneurs through franchising. 
  • 100+ business expansion.


Types of Franchise

 When we talk about types they have different offers for you that you can choose from 

  • Cleaning Franchises
  • Courier Franchises
  • F & B Franchises
  • Education Franchises
  • Health & beauty Franchises
  • Business Franchises


Franchise Models

  • 6 Step Process
  • Adaptability
  • Proven Franchise System
  • Friendly Budget


Psychology of Franchise

A franchise owner will know about after how many years he can recoup its investment. and profit margin. They will provide franchise an insight regarding total revenue and total income.


Psychology of Franchisor

 You’ll to know how to generate a steady stream without any kind of active participation. you will know how a franchisor will provide quick opportunities and start operating in new markets.


Consideration Before Buying a Franchise

we will presents a list of factors before buying a franchise.

  • Demand
  • Track record
  • Financial Considerations
  • Financial Strength
  • Market intelligence and Research
  • Restrictions


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Frequently Asked Questions

Put simply, a franchise is the right or licence granted by a company (franchisor) to an individual (franchisee) to market and/or trade products and services in a specific area or territory.

There are 4 basic types of franchise agreements: Single-unit, multi-unit, area development and master franchising.

Energy, Excellent communication skills, Dedication, Creativity, Confidence in their own skill set.

A good franchisor will provide ongoing support, including training, marketing, and operational support. They should also provide ongoing access to resources, such as supplies, software, and technology, as well as offer ongoing opportunities for growth and expansion.

  1.  Be Aware of Potential Challenges. Do your homework. 
  2.  Analyze Your Financial Situation. 
  3.  Talk to Current Franchisees. 
  4.  Questions for the Franchisor. 
  5.  A Mutually Beneficial Relationship.