It is crucial for every small business or venture to acquire fundings and take advantage of the various schemes that are put forth by the government. Availing expert advice on the same can help you to take complete advantage of it.

StartupYo’s Primary aim is to share insights and guidance by sharing knowledge and expertise to individuals through the Professionals and experts for the various MSME schemes.

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What is MSME Schemes Expert Advice?

MSME implements various programmes/ MSME schemes for the development and promotion of MSMEs across the country. Many start-ups and ventures have been looking forward to take advantage of these schemes but they never fully understand. MSME schemes Expert Advice is an opportunity where individuals can acquire the right knowledge to take advantage of the same.

Benefits of taking Expert Advice on MSME Schemes:

1. Getting first-hand knowledge and guidance from an expert in the dealing of MSME Schemes.

2. Understanding the benefits and schemes that would benefit you.

What aspects would be covered under the Expert Advice Call

The Expert Advice call would be a two-way session to provide answers and a pathway to all your questions and vision. A few aspects that would be highlighted and talked about on the call are,

A. An overview of all the suited schemes for MSME.

B. Best type of MSME Scheme that would be suitable for your venture

C. Knowledge on all the technicalities and the constituents of MSME schemes

D. The best strategies through which you can take advantage of the schemes for your business

E. How to speed up the process of availing the MSME Schemes for your business.

F. Guidance on the filing process of MSME Schemes and maintaining a good prospect of your business.


StartupYo believes in providing an interactive session instead of a training session to help you move past your challenges and guide you in the best possible manner to your goals.

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