How To Start DTDC Franchise In India ?


Getting straight to the point, what if we told you we’ve got a massive franchise opportunity for you which is both profitable and low in investment and has an outstanding brand reputation globally?

Too good to be true? Well, we’ve got facts because this company’s franchise was listed in and as “ One of the top 100 franchises in India” making it the most desirable franchises  ensuring  profitability

It goes by the name, DTDC ( Desk to deal courier cargo ) service also known as DTDC Franchise express limited.

This courier service company handles approximately 12 million shipmentsevery month and currently has as many as 11000+ franchises spread across India.

How would you like this franchise opportunity at your door step

DTDC Courier and cargo service is an Indian courier delivery company and has a wide franchise network spread across 240 countries in the world.

It’s a service made available for those consumers who would like to send a parcel or a courier within domestic and international boundaries.


  • Trade name : DTDC express limited
  • Industry : courier
  • Founded : 1990
  • Headquarters : Bengaluru
  • Area served  : Countrywide and international
  • Key people : Subhash Chakraborty, Abhishek Chakraborty, Suresh Bansal, Arpita Chakraborty, Tapsi Chakraborty

Services offered

  • Domestic package services : door to door, door to airport, airport to airport
  • Premium express services
  • Supply chain solutions
  • New world retail
  • International service
  • International freight
  • Priority services
  • Time sensitive documents services
  •  International non document services

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About DTDC Franchise

Unique selling point: The unique selling point of the DTDC franchise is as follows:

  • It’s wide range of services ranging from national, international delivery in 20 countries to its new world retail which provides services like travel services, bill payment services, gifting services etc
  • It’s low acquisition and investment costs and expansion opportunities

Business model:The business model of DTDC can be defined using these four variants

Value proposition: The value which a DTDC franchise is likely to provide to you is:

  • Wide range of services
  • National and international demand
  • Competitive advantage when it comes to pricing
  • Low investment costs
  • Assistance by DTDC

Target consumers : The target consumers for your business would be:

  • Commercial offices
  • Government offices
  • Institutions ( education and other )
  • Households
  • Students
  • E-commerce platforms

Competitor review: The competition in this business is aggressive because of these few players dominating the market along with DTDC:

  • Amazon courier services
  • Blue dart
  • FedEx
  • DHL

Marketing strategy: The marketing strategy of DTDC has been as following

  • Price concessions during festivals like Diwali, new year, Ramzan etc

Advertising: hoardings, billboards, tie ups with reputed brands, brand ambassadors


These are the following benefits of acquiring its franchise :

Brand reputation: Being in business since 30 years now this courier service has gained both a domestic demand and international demand spread across 240 countries and with relevant and modified services every year it will help you take advantage of the brand familiarity and loyalty from its existing customers

Wide range of services: DTDC has a wide range of services ranging from door-door delivery to services for time sensitive documents and also establish its new world retail that meets the travel, bill payment, gifting, financial assistance needs of consumers as well yielding a consistent demand

Essential business service: This business is not likely to get as affected during a political or global instability because people always have to want and send something from somewhere

Low investment: DTDC comes with various expansion opportunities and low investment costs and rate of return benefits as mentioned below

Global demand: This service has a demand in international borders of over 240 countries and has its operations establish among 20 of those as well so, it helps you capture a wider consumer market and ensure massive turnover.


Space requirements : This franchise requires an outlet space between 75 sq ft – 250 sq ft 

Franchise options choosing requirement: You can choose to acquire either of these franchises under the required qualifications 

Single unit franchise: This type of franchise refers to a a small territory or a pin-code

Master franchise: This franchise represents a franchise operated unit area within the city limits of regional office

Super franchise: This franchise represents a franchise operated unit in an independent territory or district with one or more reporting franchises

Corporate franchise: An experienced individual from the DTDC industry with basic office infrastructure, investment and business contacts with corporate houses is eligible for this franchise.


Document qualifications : lease and rental agreement, standard franchise agreement, GST registration, PAN and Aadhar card, Required educational and financial status based documents etc

Desirable profile: Possesses entrepreneurial skills, proven track record in similar business, sharing entrepreneurial values

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Investment Required

The investment in a DTDC franchise varies with the type of franchise chosen but the minimal investment requirements are:

₹75000 for a 75sq ft unit

When a franchisee is partnering with a brand : ₹1 lakh-₹1.5 lakhs

CategoryInvestmentWorking capital
1.   Normal₹1.5 lakhs₹1 lakh
2.   Subsidised₹1lakh₹50000
3.   Rural₹50000₹25000


The return on investment and breakeven period is more than 20%

Application Process

The options using which one can apply for DTDC franchise are

  • Using the “ e-booking@DTDCservice” where you can send your Documents required for franchise application processes directly to the company
  • Or you can apply for a franchise by busting the official website and applying online and get your franchise set up in 15 days
  • Assistance and training by DTDC
  • IT support
  • Marketing and promotional advise
  • Management and business plan
  • Strong operational support
  • Standard uniform policy
  •  Channel partner incubation program
  • Incubation help desk


Wait for your courier to come but don’t for taking advantage of this franchise opportunity because:

  • DTDC has been in courier business since 30 years, it has already establish a brand and target consumers for you
  • The investment costs are minimal and profit percentage is very reasonable
  •  Inventory management becalmed easy because of its supply chain management system and assistance provided by it
  • Lastly, this busines is seen surviving fruitfully amid the pandemics and instabilities as well.

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