DIN Number Registration and Search

Introduction to Director Identification Number (DIN)

Director Identification Number or popularly known as DIN is a unique identification number provided to individuals of certain jurisdictions who are appointed as directors of companies. It’s very important for the ones who are looking to become directors of various companies. It’s very helpful when it comes to track and identify the company’s directors. DIN contains directors information like name, PAN, address and more which helps in verifying the details of the companies director which will further act as a proof of accuracy and faithfulness regarding companies directors. 

The primary aim of DIN was to enhance corporate governance, prevention of fraudulent practices and to increase transparency in corporate entities. Its introduction also helped regulatory authorities and stakeholders for having a clear understanding regarding the managing directors and their crucial decisions within a company. When documents like returns, an application or companies related information is submitted, with that the director’s signature and his DIN is also mentioned underneath such a document.

Procedures for DIN number registration. 

Any person who is interested in becoming a company director needs to apply through the SPICe form at the time of incorporation and needs to fill out eForm DIR-3 from the MCA portal for DIN allotment. For DIN number registration one should follow the procedure given below: 

  • Enter your User ID as per your selected role and category. Enter the password or proceed with a digital signature certificate. The User ID must be of  8-11 characters long, having one numeric character, one upper case, and one lower case alphabet. A special character such as *, &, $, _, etc is not required. 
  • Provide a hint question and its answer, it will help you in case you forget your password or during any kind of DSC change or update. 
  • For authentication, type the text in the box that is being displayed by the system. 
  • Select ‘Create My Account’ and submit your registration details. 
  • You will get acknowledgement for successful registration on your screen.
  • You will also receive a confirmation email on your email ID regarding successful DIN number registration. 

Documents required for the DIN Number

It’s important to have required documents for a successful DIN Number Registration. A person living in India and a foreign needs to keep in view below mentioned documents for the DIN Number registration process: 

  • Valid PAN proof is needed for an Indian resident. 
  • For a foreigner, a passport is needed as identity proof.
  • For address proof, one must be ready with proofs like passport, election card, electric bill, ration card, and aadhar. 
  • Indian applicants need to keep updated documents that should not be older than 2 months from the date of eForm filing. 
  • Foreign applicants need to keep 1 year older address proof from the date of eForm filing. 

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DIN application rejection ground 

DIN application is only approved after the complete verification of the documents, but many a times the application gets rejected because of below mentioned mistakes 

  • Applicants Identity proof not submitted 
  • Proof of the applicant’s father’s name not submitted. 
  • Applicants proof of date of birth not submitted. 
  • Applicants residential proof not submitted 
  • Foreigner applicants copy of passport not submitted 
  • Invalid or expired supporting documents.
  • Submitted Identity proof not issued by a legal agency. 
  • Handwriting entries on application evidence. 
  • Duplicate DIN application and its application is already pending or approved. 
  • Photograph affixed problem in the application 
  • Signatures are not at the prescribed place. 
  • Applicants name in the form not matching with enclosed evidence.
  • Father’s name in the application not matching with the father’s name in the enclosed evidence. 
  • Date of birth is different from that of the date of birth in the enclosed evidence. 
  • Different Address details than in the enclosed supporting evidence. 
  • Gender not entered correctly. 
  • Identification number not matching with the identity proof enclosed.
  • If enclosed documents are not self attested.

Searching DIN details of individuals

Inorder to search DIN details you must follow the below mentioned steps: 

  • Visit MCA website, and then go to MCA Services, select Master Data and View Directors Master Data.
  • Enter the director’s name or DIN and click on search. 
  • After entering a list of the directors with the name you entered will start surfacing or if you have provided DIN then you will get the details of the same director. 
  • Click on the name of the director you are looking for, enter the captcha code and click on submit.
  • You will successfully get details of the director like Company name, ACTIVE Compliant or not, Being date and End date.

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The Director Identification Number is a very necessary tool which helps in tracking the details of those responsible for managing companies. With this important tool the corporate governance can better regulate the corporate activities and can also maintain transparency in the system. It also helps in protecting the interests of the public and of stakeholders.


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