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Detergent Powder Making Training

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Detergent are the cleansing powders to clean the fabric. Today we have the variety of powders to clean as per the budget. All these powders are made up of certain chemicals which have special role to do the cleansing. To give you the comprehension knowledge of various ingredients & master the art of making detergent. This important course is designed for making you entrepreneur in this field.

Theoretical Part:

  • Knowledge about various types of Detergent.Powders in the market
  • Difference between the above types of detergents via cost & ingredients.
  • Properties of various chemicals used in detergent making.
  • Chemistry of Detergents
  • Various ingredients used in formulating Eco,medium and premium grade detergent

Practical Part:

  • Mixing of all the composition of raw materials and prepare the Low, Medium & high ranges of Detergent Powder.
  • Learning the production & packaging of Detergent Powder.

All the study material will be provided by CSDO.
Certificates will be provided after completion of the course.


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