How to Start Colin Making Business in India ?


Colin making business or rather Glass Cleaner making business is rather one of the most less explored industry. Colin Glass cleaner or surface Cleaner is a type of cleaner that is used to keep glass surfaces clean and out of smell. Colin Glass cleaner belongs to the category of Home care products, which again is a fast-moving consumer product to be used for the benefit of home care. Toilet cleaners, glass cleaners, all are a part of Home Care product category.  

Cleaning products are used almost in every house, at every office, school, college, and so on. With the increasing awareness of keeping your homes clean and safe from bacteria, viruses, and so on, people have started to give more attention to products that are related to home care. Colin Glass cleaner is also a part of Home care product that people often choose.  
With increased awareness, people have also started to prefer Colin Glass cleaners that are more organic, having fewer chemicals, and leaving less smell in the room upon usage. Fortunately, Colin Glass cleaners, have one of the primary ingredients called Vinegar that helps to keep the odor away that could have arisen. 
Advanced infrastructure and the interior design of the homes have various uses of glass for making the house look attractive. There are glass windows, glass teapoys, mirrors, wardrobes with glass finishing, TV, TV units, and so on. With so many glass items in the house, the demand for Colin Glass cleaners increases day by day. 
Let us have a look at the details for Colin Making business.

License Required

  • SSI Unit License 
  • Firm Registration  
  • Current Bank Account 
  • Trade Mark 
  • GST Registration 
  • Trade License 
  • Business Pan Card

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Raw Materials required

The quality of your product would depend largely on the types of Raw material that you use. The manufacturing formula for making Colin is the same for all businesses, however, what sets it apart is the Raw materials used. The following are the various types of raw materials that are required for the Colin Glass Cleaner Making business. 

  • Certain litres of Water 
  • A little colour 
  • Brush to add colour 
  • Vinegar 
  • A wide mouth plastic bucket 
  • Distilled Water 
  • Empty boxes of the size prescribed for packaging 
  • G.C. Concentrate 
  • DM Water

Equipment Required 

Along with raw materials, you would also require various equipment that would assist you in the manufacturing process of Colin Glass Cleaners. This equipment can be accessed easily through the wholesale market, saving you a few of your funds. The necessary equipment for the Colin Making process is as follows. 

  • Stirrers 
  • Hand Gloves 
  • Large Beakers 
  • Small Beakers 
  • Weighing scale 
  • Small and medium-sized containers 
  • Stir Rod 
  • Jars or Bottles 
  • Miscellaneous Equipment 
  • Packaging Materials

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Manpower Required

Probably you understand the process of manufacturing Colin Glass cleaners very well, but you cannot run the entire process on your own, you would need skilled workers and labourers who would carry out the same tasks in your absence and keep the business and production going well. The necessary manpower for small and large-scale Colin Making business is as follows. 

  • The manpower required to set up a small-scale based Colin making business would be around; 1 to 3 skilled workers. 
  • The manpower required for a medium or large-scale Colin Glass Cleaner making business would be; 4 to 8 workers at most, depending on the equipment and the production rate per day.


Aside from the necessary equipment, you do not require major capital for Colin Making business. The raw materials would have frequent use, which would consume your working capital, depending on the demand your products get in the market. However, taking a rough assumption of the investment amount for small and large scale businesses, the cost would be as follows.  

Small Scale 40000 to 1 lakh
Medium Scale or Large Scale 1.5 to 8 lakhs


An average amount of Profit that can be earned by individuals doing Colin Glass Cleaner making business on a monthly basis would go around INR 25000 to 80000 per month. The reason why the profits are a little lower is because the price for the product is less compared to other products and thus the profit earned is in good percentage but less when calculated in terms of numbers. 

In a medium-sized or Large-scale Colin Glass Cleaner Making business, you can even earn more than 1.5 lakh per month, but only if you have created your own brand value and good marketing campaigns.

Target Consumers

Local shops: Local shops have a tendency of storing products that would sell well and earn them profits. If you offer them a good percentage of profit ratio, they would be willing to showcase your product in their shops. 
Retailers: Retailers have a whole range of Home care products, right from toilet cleaners to glass cleaners, hence with good convincing you can have them stock your product in their stores. 
Supermarkets: Supermarkets have a big row of Cleaning products arranged on huge shelves. They display various brands of Glass cleaner, you can approach them, and once convinced, you can get orders in huge numbers. 
Online Retail Stores: Online Retail stores are a great platform for you to connect directly with many customers, far from your reach, and market your product conveniently. 
Wholesale Market: Aside from supermarkets, you can also enter into the Wholesale market and sell your Colin Glass Cleaners in huge stocks with wholesalers. Although you would have to compromise with the profit ratio, the step taken is worth it. 
Hotels, Offices: This can be your permanent and long-term buyer or your target and that is hotels. Hotels normally require cleaning products on a timely basis and in huge stocks, hence they are very favourable. The same goes for offices, there are various glass artefacts and surfaces to clean.

Profit margin

In a well-settled Colin Making business, you can expect a profit margin of 15% to 30%.

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