Coconut Powder Manufacturing Business


The minimum machinery one can start with for making coconut powder for business is of the following: 

According to the capacity of your investment and required production setup you need to acquire a location for the manufacturing unit and about 1500 square feet of area is generally required for the small scale coconut manufacturing business. In addition to that, you need to have enough water supply and water supply near to your industry.  

Here some of the following are the basic and machinery required for the coconut powder manufacturing business: 

·        Firstly, disintegrator 12″ size with 10 H.P motor & also accessories 

·        Secondly, baby boiler 

·        Thirdly, trays which consists of aluminum 

·        Also, bucket elevator 

·        Then, sealing machine which consists of polythene 

·        Copra Cutter 

·        Cabinet type hot air dryer with the following: motor, other accessories, and blower 

·        For storage of coconut oil filtered oil tanks are required 

·        Then vibratory sifting machine fitted with G.I wire mesh & 2 H.P motor 

·        Filter Press 

·        After that, you required platform weighing machine for balancing 

·        Micro – Filter  

·        The miscellaneous types of equipment is required and they are of the following: Aluminum vessel, LS Scrapping Knives, Trolleys and many more 

·        Screw Conveyor 

·        Testing equipment for laboratory 

·        Lastly, Steamed Jacketed Kettle 

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