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Professional Chocolate Making Course

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Wanna gift something to your friends & family?,
Then not choosing chocolates will seem to be silly. 

Taking your hobby further is a dream for many. And if that hobby is eating chocolates then what can be better than learning to make chocolates. 

  • Introduction about Chocolate course and introduction with the students. 
  • The scope of the chocolate industry 
  • Introduction about chocolates, various companies who make raw chocolates, selection of chocolates 
  • Detailed knowledge about molds and when to use specific molds 
  • Discussion about chocolate essence, combination and permutation to make an unlimited variety of chocolates 
  • Essential types of equipment used for chocolate making 
  • The method of melting different chocolates using a microwave, double boiler, and chocolate melter 
  • Demonstration of making milk chocolates, dark chocolates, white chocolates in various molds 
  • The method of making flavored chocolates: vanilla, coconut, butterscotch, orange, ginger, almond, a hint of mint, chili etc 
  • Introduction about filling: readymade v/s homemade filling 
  • The method of making ganache and flavored ganache like lavender, rose, pineapple, coffee, chocolate, mango, hazelnut 
  • The method of making a delicious and tempting bar such as almond bar, butterscotch bar, crackle bar, fruit n nut bar, cashew bar 
  • Marbling effects on chocolates- 5 types
    Almond filled chocolate, cashew nut-filled chocolate, scrumptious pista chocolate, cranberry chocolate,
    Chocolates for a special occasion and gifting like new year, valentine, get well soon, Raksha Bandhan, Deepavali, Xmas, father’s day 
  • lollipop chocolates, flavored lollipop chocolates, crackle lollipop, coffee lollipop. 
  • Selection of paper, how to calculate the paper size wrapping of chocolate, presentation of chocolate
    Marketing of the chocolate -recorded session 
  • How to apply for FSSAI LICENCE- recorded session 


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