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How to Start Candle making business 


From being present in the desks and cupboards of every household just hidden somewhere, sometimes as a home-décor element to light up the room or sometimes used when it’s just too dark to do nothing when the power has been cut off, a candle sure has its own illuminating applications

  • This wax-made-candle used for such specific yet all essential purposes has its global market value worth at $3.45 billion during 2018. With the Asia Pacific countries like China, India, Bangladesh being the largest producers as well as majority of consumers contributing to it.
  • Candle making business has been expanding at an increasing rate mainly because of its increased target consumers contributed by its wide range in shapes, sizes, applications etc.
  • This business has aimed to capture the demand of the majority of the population segments which are the millennials, baby boomers as well as the older population.
  • The flame of this business is not getting put off soon, and here’s the hows and whys you must lighten this candle up

Market potential and uses

  • candle is an ignitable stick made of wax which is used for the purpose of illumination and sometimes fragrance.
  • The market potential for a candle is vast. The high-end companies from Gucci, LV to the household chandlers are all getting down in this business because of its increasing applications dominating to beauty, thereby, décor etc and the lower costs associated with it

Further, the market potential for a candle making business can be defined on the basis of the following:

On the basis of wax used

  • Paraffin wax:   Comes without any additives
  • Soy wax.       :    100% natural wax
  • Palm wax.     :    100% natural wax made of hydrogenating palm oil
  • Beeswax.      :    100% natural wax used to make all types of candles
  • Granulated wax: its is used for crafting
  • Gel based wax. : it has translucent quality of gelatine

On the basis of type of candle

  • Pillar candles
  • Container candles
  • Votive candles
  • Tea light candles
  • Taper candles
  • Tarts
  • Gel candles

On the basis of Uses of candles

Used for home decoration

  • Used for aromatherapy
  • Used for illuminating
  • Used as a complementary element when using face masks
  • Used in chandeliers
Licenses required

The licenses required to run this candle making business is:

  • GST registration
  • NOC by state pollution control board
  • Trade license
  • MSME registration
Investment required

The investment required to set up this business is between ₹5 lakhs- ₹10 lakhs

Profits made

The profits which one is likely to yield from this business is ₹25000-₹30000 per month

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Target consumers.

The target consumers for this candle making business are:

  • Antique stores: The antique stores requires candles for the purpose of an intermediary product in maintaining the antique chandeliers, lamps, lanterns etc
  • Décor store: The home décor stores make use of candles of various sizes, shapes and colours for the purpose of meeting the various interior needs of consumers for an arrangement of candles on tables, stands, lamps, etc
  • Aromatherapy centres: Aromatherapy is the form of a body or a facial massage by making use of aroma candles which come with rather a pleasant fragrance their by creating a warm vibe and habitat
  • Meditation and retreat centres: These make use of candles for the purpose of lighting it up as a part of their therapeutic and meditative needs
  • Religious requirements: The religious spaces like temples, mosques and churches also make us of candles as apart of their religious rituals, traditions and practices
  • Beauty stores: Candles are also required by the beauty-conscious consumers who make use of candles as a part of their bathing needs as well
  • Social media beauty influencers: Often customised candles are also made use by those beauty influencers who demonstrate the procedure of using a face mask with a candle flickering nearby in order to get an aesthetic vibe
  • Rural consumers: The condiments in rural areas and villages require candles as an alternative to electricity to light up the room or their houses
  • Occasions: There are specific types of candles which are customised according to the occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, bridal showers etc
Area required

The area required to set up this candle making business is 500sq ft – 1000 sq ft

Raw materials required

The raw materials required to set up this business are:

  • Wax : paraffin, gel, ay, beeswax
  • Wicks
  • Tins, jars etc
  • Essential oils, for fragrance
  • Colouring agents
  • Packaging supplies
  • Labels
Machinery required

The machinery required to set up a candle making business is

  • Wax heating machine
  • Candle thread cutting machine
  • Mixer/grinder
  • Moulding machine
  • Or
  • Manual candle making machine
  • Semi automatic candle making machine
  • Fully automatic candle making machine
Manpower required

The manpower required to run a candle making business is as follows:

  • 1-skilled labour
  • 2-skilled labours

Moreover, ample training in terms of the following must also be provided with

  • Equipment usage
  • Machine handling
  • Safety and precautions
Business model and growth

The business a model of a candle making business can be defined using these four variants

Value proposition: The value which a candle making business is likely to provide to you is:

  • Easy procedure and processes, fewer types of raw materials required which are available in abundant quality
  • Also, The rural demand for candles is always consistent having the perks of low investment costs.

Target consumers: The target consumers for this business are

  • Antique stores
  • Home décor stores
  • Beauty stores
  • Aromatherapy centres
  • Occasions
  • Religious spaces
  • Social media beauty influencers
  • Rural consumers.

Competitor review:  Even though the competition in this business is not as aggressive because of few key competitors and they are as follows:

Scented candles

  • India eco candle
  • Bombay perfumery
  • Kama Ayurveda
  • House of things Svarupa candles       

Unscented candles

  • Virgo productions
  • Swastika industries.

Marketing strategy: The marketing strategy that can be implemented by your candle making business could be:

  • Advertising: Through tv commercials, billboards and tying up with repeated interior décor companies
  • Social media: Sponsoring beauty influencers to make use of candles in their face cleansing and make up tutorials
  • Sales promotion: providing discounts and offers on festivals like Diwali, New Years, Christmas etc

The candle making business has the potential and has witnessed the following growth prospects:

  • The demand for candle is up and rising especially in the Asia Pacific countries of China, India and Bangladesh mainly beside of highly concentrated need of it for religious and aromatherapy purposes
  • The demand in these regions is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.2%
  • The global candle market is also expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.5%
Profit margin

The profit margin which a candle making business is likely to yield is 30%-45%


The reasons to take up this business are likely to surpass the number of applications a candle possesses and here’s why you should take up this candle making business :

  • Firstly, the investment involved in this candle making business and the procedures and process involved in making those are very minimal and the profit margin is very sufficient
  • Secondly,  the increasing need of making use of natural and organic candles for the purpose of at-home aromatherapy, for using it extensively in home décor has also contributed to its increasing demand
  • Lastly, because of certain value added to candles manufactured by india, the nature of its wax, handcrafting abilities, Ayurvedic essence etc a global demand could also be achieved.

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