Best Website Builders for SEO | Features, Cost

Even if you’re new to SEO, a good website builder can assist Google comprehend your site when you can’t hire a professional SEO expert. However, not all website builders are truly capable of doing this and if no one can find your fantastic website, it is useless. 

Every business wants to show up on search engine results pages (SERPs), so they should give careful thought to search engine optimization (SEO). It includes carrying particular tasks to guarantee that your website is relevant to specific search queries and is user-friendly. A good range of SEO tools are included in many easy-to-use website builders to assist you in getting started. While some of these have significantly worse SEO options, others are strong enough to help you rank highly. 

We have put together the list of our top 7 website builders for small businesses that are best for SEO purposes. 

How to Find Best Website Builders for SEO

To find the best website builder for SEO, consider these criteria

  • Given that mobile friendliness plays a significant role in search engine rankings, the platform should give responsive designs that work well on mobile devices.
  • Make sure the website builder enables you to customize URLs, headers and meta tags  which are crucial for search engine optimization.
  • Select a page builder that produces pages that load quickly. Search engines use speed as a ranking factor and slow websites have less SEO.
  • Select a platform that facilitates frequent content additions and updates. Relevant and up-to-date information is essential for SEO.
  • Seek for platforms that facilitate structured data markup as this can improve the way search engines interpret your material.
  • Make sure the builder offers SSL certificates so that users may browse safely. Websites that are secure typically appear higher in search results.
  • Verify whether the builder connects with well-known SEO tools for simple tracking and optimization of SEO performance such as Yoast SEO, Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  • To increase accessibility and website load times, look for tools that make image optimization simple such as text editing and picture compression.

You can select the website builder that best fits your SEO objectives and needs by comparing them according to these standards.

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WordPress | StartupYo

WordPress is a well-liked cheapest website builder and user-friendly platform for creating websites. It makes building websites easier for those who aren’t tech savvy. You may customize the appearance of your website with a plethora of themes and functionalities. 

The ability to add new features to WordPress with plugins such as social media buttons and contact forms is one of its coolest aspects. WordPress is a helpful companion that makes website development easy regardless of the type of website you’re creating.

WordPress is best website builder for SEO because

  • Basic SEO techniques like adding keywords and meta descriptions are easy for beginners to comprehend with WordPress.
  • Search engines like Google give preference to mobile-friendly websites so having a WordPress theme that is optimized for mobile devices might help you rank higher in search results. 
  • WordPress makes it simple to arrange and update your content frequently which is highly valued by search engines. Having up-to-date and pertinent material can help your SEO.
  • Search engines value the intelligible and well-organized code that WordPress produces. Better user experiences and quicker loading times are the results of this and both are beneficial to SEO.
  • Strong plugins for WordPress such as Yoast SEO help you optimize your website’s content and structure for increased search engine visibility.

WordPress Cost: Plans start from $100 per month. 


WIX | StartupYo

Anyone may construct their own website with ease using Wix. With Wix you don’t have to be an expert in technology because of its drag-and-drop interface. Additionally Wix has a ton of excellent templates so you may pick a layout that suits your needs. 

Wix is like a creative friend helping you create something amazing online, whether you’re creating a website for your business, hobby or anything else. Wix pricing is very much affordable and best for tight budgets. 

Wix is best website builder for SEO because

  • You don’t need to be tech-savvy to add keywords, titles and descriptions thanks to Wix’s simple SEO settings.
  • Wix automatically optimizes your website for mobile and tablet devices. Mobile-friendly websites are highly valued by search engines.
  • Wix handles all the technical details in the background so your website loads quickly. Search engines prefer websites that load quickly.
  • Wix makes it easy for search engines to display your website to users who are looking for related keywords by organizing your information in an understandable manner.
  • To assist you in enhancing the SEO of your website, Wix provides tools such as Wix SEO Wiz. 

Wix Cost: Plans start from $16 per month. 

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weebly | StartupYo

Weebly is an easy-to-use website builder as well as the fastest web hosting that makes it simple for you to create your own website. To construct your website, simply drag & drop elements are made available from weebly. Colourful templates are also provided by Weebly, so you can choose a design that matches your aesthetic. 

Weebly is like a creative friend, making the process easy and enjoyable for everyone whether you want a website for selling goods, sharing your tales or showcasing your amazing ideas.

Weebly is best website builder for SEO because

  • Weebly makes things easy with its user-friendly SEO settings which let you add descriptions and keywords without having to deal with complicated tech stuff.
  • Weebly manages the domain name hosting for your website. Search engines value a site that loads rapidly, which is achieved through dependable and fast hosting.
  • Search engines adore Weebly’s templates because they look fantastic on smartphones and tablets. This improves the visibility of your website for mobile users.
  • Search engine friendly content is made easier with Weebly. This enables them to present your website to the appropriate audience and comprehend its purpose.
  • Weebly is a great option for SEO since it provides simple tools and features that enhance your website’s visibility and appeal to search engines increasing the number of people that find your website.

Weebly cost: Starts from $13 per month. 


Squarespace | StartupYo

Squarespace is a creative platform that makes it easy to create your own website without any complicated steps. You can quickly drag and drop elements to customize the appearance of your website. 

Squarespace provides elegant templates allowing you to select a style that fits your personality. Furthermore, SquareSpace pricing is very cost effective. Whether you want to start a small business, share tales or showcase your artwork, Squarespace makes the process of creating a website easy and fun for everyone.

SquareSpace is best website builder for SEO because

  • Square Space provides you with attractive templates that have SEO elements integrated into them. This indicates that search engines will find your website in addition to its attractive appearance.
  • Squarespace’s user-friendly settings help to keep things simple. Adding keywords and descriptions to your website is a simple way to ensure that it appears when people search for terms associated with your content.
  • Squarespace automatically optimizes your website for mobile and tablet devices. Your chances of being found are increased since search engines like Google favour websites that load quickly on mobile devices.
  • Squarespace handles the technical aspects ensuring that your website loads swiftly. Because speedier websites are preferred by search engines so this is crucial for enhancing your overall SEO.
  • Squarespace is a wonderful option for SEO since it blends fashionable designs with user-friendly SEO capabilities making your website appear amazing and be found by search engines more quickly.

SquareSpace Cost: Plans start from $16 per month. 


Hostinger | StartupYo

Your website has a welcoming home in Hostinger. Your website receives a unique address and Hostinger assists you with that. It’s as simple to use as creating a virtual space for your website to reside in. 

Hostinger guarantees that your website is accessible to people worldwide and is safe. In other words Hostinger is like a trustworthy buddy helping you make your website’s dream home that is comfortable and safe.

Hostinger is best website builder for SEO because

  • Hostinger makes sure your website loads quickly. Google and other search engines like quick loading websites, this might help your SEO.
  • The technical aspects of maintaining the security of your website are handled by Hostinger and search engines frequently reward secure websites with higher ranks.
  • Its simple interface makes it simple to create content, administer your website and apply SEO tactics.
  • With Hostinger’s affordable hosting options, you may put more money into other areas of your website or company that will improve SEO.
  • The global audience that Hostinger offers for your website increases its visibility and may help it rank better in search engine results.

Hostinger Cost: Plans start from $26 per month.

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GoDaddy | StartupYo

GoDaddy functions as a sort of website launch assistant. This is the location where you locate and register your web address, often known as your website name. GoDaddy additionally provides an easy-to-use website creation tool set. 

They handle the technical aspects to ensure that your website is safe and accessible to all internet users. Therefore, GoDaddy is like a trustworthy friend to help you through if you’re seeking for a welcoming spot to begin your internet journey.

GoDaddy is best website builder for SEO because

  • Finding and registering your website name (domain), an essential step for SEO is made easier with GoDaddy.
  • GoDaddy handles security precautions guaranteeing the safety of your website. Search engines frequently give preference to secure websites in their results.
  • Even if you’re not tech-savvy, it provides an intuitive website builder with tools to assist you in creating and optimizing the content for your website.
  • GoDaddy offers dependable customer service helping you with any technical problems that could affect the SEO performance of your website.
  • GoDaddy is affordable for a range of budgets and provides all the tools required for efficient SEO with a range of price plans.

Godaddy Cost: Plans start from $11  per month.


Hubspot | StartupYo

HubSpot provides so many useful tools in one location, it’s like having your very own superhero for your business. It facilitates email correspondence, website creation and customer management. 

Consider it as your go-to assistant for business needs that streamlines tasks like marketing and customer data organization. HubSpot ensures that your company chores run smoothly and stress-free whether you own a little firm or are just getting started.

HubSpot is best website builder for SEO because

  • With HubSpot managing your website, content and SEO activities is simple and you don’t have to switch between several platforms.
  • HubSpot makes it simple for you to arrange and update your content and consistently updated information is very beneficial to SEO.
  • Even if you’re not tech savvy, HubSpot offers easy settings for adding keywords, meta descriptions and other SEO factors.
  • HubSpot provides you with information on the performance of your website enabling you to make wise decisions to raise SEO.
  • HubSpot makes sure your website appears great across a range of devices including the popular phones and tablets that search engines favour.

Hubspot Cost: Plans start from $20 per month.

Final Words

To sum up, choosing the best website builder is essential to making the most of your internet presence. Selecting the top website builder for SEO from the plethora of possibilities is essential to getting noticed and drawing in organic visitors. 

The best platforms including Squarespace, WordPress and Wix are distinguished by their intuitive user interfaces and features that are optimized for search engines. The ideal website builder for SEO ultimately comes down to your own requirements and tastes. 

Regardless of your preference for simplicity, customization or a combination of the two these platforms offer the resources you need to improve your website’s search engine results. Based on your objectives, you may make an informed decision to design a website that looks great and performs well in the dynamic world of digital marketing.


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