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The Business world is changing at a great velocity, getting backed by Technology and innovative online business ideas. Having an Online business can act as a second source of income for you and your family, or with time and focus it can act as the primary source of income and an excuse to quit your day job. However, with so many different types of Online businesses out there, it becomes problematic to figure the right one or the one which would work in or after. Let us have a deeper glance in this topic.

Benefits of having an Online Business

There are enough benefits of having an online business that it would get you rolling instantly to start your venture right away. To understand the best types of Online businesses we also need to have an idea of various advantages that we could have by setting up such a business. This would assist you in making the right choice for your business. 
1. 24 x 7  
 Yes, we all know that having an online store or business means having your sale hours open for 24 x 7! You can make money easily even if it is your bedtime, your shop is available to your customers throughout the entire 24 hours, helping you make more money. You don’t have to keep checking your store or intervene at any sort of point, making this business suitable. 
2. Global Scale 
 Why just restrict your business to India? Why not explore all the nearby and far-away countries? Online business has made it possible to connect directly with international markets and people, thus giving your business a great reach. You can target your international markets according to your choice and offer your product or services on an international level. 
3. Less Capital 
 If we talk about starting an offline or a traditional business, the first topic of concern is the capital or the sources of acquiring the capital. When it comes to online business, you hardly have to invest any money for starting your venture and see your business making sales. In fact, most of the ventures can be started without investing any money. 

Best Online Businesses

As we read above, there are many upsides to starting an online business, be it your primary or secondary focus. With so many opportunities out there for going online, let us discuss the best and proven ones that even beginners could go for. One thing to note is that all the following businesses are considered as the best business, but it would only gain you results over time when you are at your best. 
1. Blogging 
 When you do a google search and surf through the many pages shown in the results, you are viewing someone’s blog or write-up on that particular subject. Blogging has become a very widely used practice for many people, especially writers, who share their thoughts or knowledge about a particular field. With time, you can earn through your blog by Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, etc.  
2.  E-Commerce Platform 
 On the mention of the word ‘E-commerce’, the first thing which comes to our mind is Amazon and Flipkart. You can set your own online store and sell products by registering yourself with any of these E-commerce giants, or the other method is to open up your own store and create your own brand. While the latter is a very difficult process, the former is hassle-free.  
3. Digital Marketing 
 This online business would depend on your knowledge and skills related to digital marketing. However, if you have any skills related to Social media marketing, ads, keywords, content writing, graphics, etc, you can surely make an attempt in this field. Most of the digital marketers work as a freelancer and keep updating their portfolio to attract clients. 
4. Content Writing 
 There are many websites, blogs, companies who require a content writer for providing regular content on various different topics. If you are good with words and creating content, you can start your own freelancing as a content writer and earn through these websites or companies.


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5. YouTube Channel 
 Since the announcement of the lockdown during the pandemic, there have been many people who opened their own YouTube channel for making money and share their content. Starting your own channel can be a great source of income for you once you have a good number of subscribers and views on your video.  

6. Consultancy Business 
 The easiest type of Online business that you can ask for, however, it comes with a price to pay. You cannot offer consultancy services unless you have enough knowledge of that particular subject. All it requires is to open a website and build your brand name, guide your clients or small businesses accordingly and, get paid. 

7. Affiliate Marketing

 The concept of Affiliate marketing is very simple, you join an affiliate marketing network, create and build your own platform and promote the existing and well-known brands. For every person who makes a purchase through your link, you get paid by the brand. A Few of the well-known Affiliates are Amazon Affiliate, Flipkart, etc. 

8. Publishing eBooks on Amazon Kindle 
 Are you creative with stories? Or do you have good knowledge in a particular subject, well you can convert that creativity or knowledge into a book or e-book and publish it through amazon kindle, this gets you to earn royalty through kindle unlimited. 
9. Vlogging 
 Similar to blogging, Vlogging is the sharing of experience or knowledge or any travel diaries through the mode of a video. All you require is Vlogging equipment and a platform such as YouTube, Videomotion, etc. 
10. Selling courses 
 Similar to sharing your knowledge, you can prepare courses and offer professional advice or knowledge through these courses to your clients or people in general. You need a website or a medium to sell courses. 


Online Businesses have many benefits to offer, a few of the best businesses are, Blogging, E-commerce platform, Digital marketing, Content writing, YouTube channel, selling courses, Vlogging, publishing eBooks on Kindle, Affiliate marketing, and Consultancy business.

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