Best franchise opportunities in India 2022

Best franchise opportunities in india 2022

Best franchise opportunities in India

Now that you have chosen to land on this very page and are reading this very article, just means you are very serious about making some good bucks and getting familiar with these facts, figures and suggestions would just mean you are taking a step further

Hear this out! Did you know? India has over 4600 franchisors which comprises of:

  • 16% – Global brands
  • 34% – National brands
  • 50% – Regional brands

This country has nearly 2,00,000 franchise outlets being operated by and under 1,70,000 franchisees and nearly 60% of franchise locations are in unit franchise format.

The franchise formats for brands have been popular to experiment with because of the brand reputation they’ve earned and who wants to use that reputation to attract and attach many customers to them.

Moreover, the brands with franchises across the globe like those of McDonald’s which has more than 33,000 Franchise outlets in the world gain easy recognition and loyalty from customers because of their pre existing reputation and brand among the other consumers.

It’s true, “ it’s not what you take it from, it’s where you take it to” and quite practical when it comes to franchise scenario because of the advantages it is likely to provide to you

Advantages of taking up a franchise

  • Low capital requirement/investment
  • Assistance and guidance by the franchise company
  • Increased scope for expansion
  • Already established brand name, recognition and reputation
  • Lower rate of risk

Here’s a buffet of franchise opportunity you could choose from among these booming industries

  • Food industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Retail furniture
  • Retail lifestyle
  • Lifestyle and healthcare
  1. Best franchise opportunities in India
  1. Food industry

The food industry market is estimated to be worth at $894.98 billion on while with an average person spending 35% of their income on grocery, take outs and dining which are facts enough to prove that this business has been booming more than ever.

The franchise opportunities in this industry supporting this claim are

Domino’s pizza store:

Movie night, Coke, family/friends gathering and weekend and the only missing piece of this puzzle is a Domino’s pizza. That’s how this brand has positioned itself in the mind of its consumers

This pizza brand has over 1.232 stores in India across 264 Indian cities and the details regarding its franchise are:

  • Investment.       : ₹30 lakhs
  • Area.                   :  500-1000 sq ft
  • Profits.                : ₹2 lakh – ₹3 lakh
  • Type of store.    : Traditional, transitional, non-transitional
  • Products.            : Pizzas


With westernisation in terms of food consumption and diversions towards healthy eating habits like salads, wraps, subs etc this franchise while establishing a taste familiar with the Indian’s taste buds has managed to establish 41,512 franchises in around the world

The franchise details for it are as follows

  • Investment        : ₹25lakhs – ₹30 lakhs
  • Area.                   : 170-350 sq ft
  • Type of stores   : food court, non-food court
  • Profits.                : 40-50% ROI
  • Products.            : Subs, salads, wraps etc

Lifestyle industry

Pegged at $100 billion in 2018 alone, the Indian lifestyle and fashion industry has been booming ever since.

With an increased need among consumers to improve their standard of living contributed by the increased disposable income which is expected to be around 225757994 INR million in 2022 which has made the Indian fashion Industry grow of $100 billion.

The franchises available in this industry are

Miniso franchise:

High quality products and affordable prices something which every Indian consumer digs and which Miniso has aimed at offering through its lifestyle products ranging from cosmetic, accessories to stationary, kitchenware etc

With over 3900+ stores in over 70 countries the franchise details for this business are

  • Investment      : ₹70 lakhs – ₹90 lakhs
  • Area.                 : 900-1000 sq ft
  • Profits               : 35-37%
  • Products           : lifestyle products: cosmetics, accessories, kitchen wear etc


By keeping India’s culture intact and making its way through the Indian consumer through precision in handcrafts and local artisan work

Fab India includes readymade garment and accessories for men and women, kitchen lines, floor coverings, upholstery and fabric curtains etc. The franchise details are as follows

  • Investment  : ₹30lakh – ₹50lakh
  • Area.             : 700-900 sq ft
  • Profits           : 24% ROI
  • Products.     : Lifestyle, clothing etc
  • Type.            : High street and mall
  • Automotive industry : Did you know? India is expected to be the world’s third largest automotive markets in terms of volume by 2026. It manufacturing 25 million vehicles of which 3.5 million are exported.

Moreover, increase in consumer spending in the form of cars, bikes and their maintenance and repairs through tires and glasses and as a necessity while portraying one’s social status has also contributed to the growth of this industry

So, the details for franchise opportunities in this industry are as follows

Royal Enfield:

That spurring loud sound, sometimes scaring you when you walk down the road but you know just the bike that makes it, Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield is a home-grown brand which is know for its bikes, bullet among which has been the longest produced model and with its bikes being sold in 50 countries. The franchise details are

  • Investment : ₹50 lakhs – ₹1 crore
  • Area.           : 4000 sq ft
  • Profits         : 20%
  • Products     : Bikes, maintenance, road side assistance

MRF tyres:

 Virat Kohli’s Bat, Car and bike tyres, what’s that that pops on your mind? MRF, isn’t it? The Madras Rubber Factory is the 14th largest tyre manufacturing company of the world.

There are atleast 5500 dealerships of this brand across India with 2 out of 3 dealerships are exclusive outlets. The franchise details are as follows

  • Investment  : ₹10lakh-₹30lakh
  • Area.             : 370 sq mt
  • Profit margin    : 20%
  • Products            : Tyres, tubes, cricket accessories, industrial paints, toys etc
  • Healthcare industry:

With the ongoing pandemic and the already existing size of the healthcare industry it is seen to be worth ₹8.6 trillion by FY 2022.

Moreover, with the increase in chronic diseases, heart illness, contagious spreads and cancer this industry has also caused an increase in the growth of pharmacies to meet their immediate needs. The two franchise opportunities available in this industry are

image 68 StartupYo

Apollo pharmacy:

Being Asia’s largest health care group this pharmacy meets around the clock demand of consumers in terms of prescription medicines, baby care, health and nutrition etc

This pharmacy has around 3000+ outlets within 18 states in India and the details for its franchise are:

  • Investment.  : ₹10lakhs -₹15 lakhs
  • Area.              : 15-20 sq mt
  • Profits.           : ₹1lakh – ₹3 lakh
  • Products.       : Prescription medicine, baby care, health and nutrition
  • Types              : single unit and master unit


Not exactly adhering to healthcare but did you know around 75% of population could use a vision correction in the world of which LensKart made its business

It’s a fast growing eyewear business which assists people in correcting their vision while making them look cooler. It has 160+ profitable stores across India and its franchise details are as follows

  • Investment     : ₹25 lakhs – ₹30 lakhs
  • Area                 : 300-500 sq ft
  • Profits             : 35% on net sales
  • Products      : frames, lenses, repair and maintenance

Retail furniture

The Indian furniture market was of an estimated worth of $32.61 billion in 2018. While people are  aiming to increase their lifestyle and standards of living they are aiming to do so through the possessions they own which can be expressed through furniture.

The quality, affordability and design are the three pillars of this industry and the franchise opportunities available are


it is an online home décor  and lifestyle store which offers furniture’s I’m wide variety in terms of purpose, designs etc. it has 60+ studios across India with 60+ lakh registered customers. It’s franchise details are

  • Investment : ₹30 lakhs – ₹40 lakhs
  • Area.            : 1250 sq mt
  • Profits         : 53% ROI
  • Products     : Home décor, furniture etc
image 71 StartupYo


It is one of the largest household products of India and also India’s number one homes decorating company. It has both online and offline presence all over India. It’s franchise details are

  • Investment. : ₹20lakhs-₹30lakhs
  • Area.             : 500-700 sq ft
  • Profits.         : 35%
  • Products.     : furniture, Home décor
  1. Suggestions

It’s as easy as playing blindfold and choose wine except it isn’t, but here are the reasons why you should take up one of these opportunities

  • Firstly, each of these franchises come with more than just average profitable returns
  • Secondly, these are all the franchises belonging to the booming and splurging sectors of the economy with minimal investment prospects
  • Lastly, a franchise model always has the perk of assistance from the owner and allows you to enjoy the brand reputation it has built.
  1. Contact details

For further knows and hows, contact

Name – StartupYo

Contact – +91 8886666821

Email – [email protected]

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