5 Best Email Marketing Tools in 2021

5 Best Email Marketing Tools in 2021  

The age of digitalization has clearly stated the importance and the effectiveness of online and digital campaigns. The giant companies no longer rely on just offline marketing and promotional activities, rather, a major chunk of their marketing budget is more focused on the digital campaigns that they plan. There are various different platforms and sources through which you can conduct marketing campaigns for your company, one such platform is the Email Marketing. When we talk about Email Marketing, it is crucial that the right tools are used for an effective Email Marketing campaign. 

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What is Email Marketing? 

According to its definition, Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using Email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered Email Marketing. It involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations. Email Marketing can be considered as targeting your audience and engaging with them directly with your content and generating sales or lead through the same process over a period of time.  

Benefits of using Email Marketing Tools 
When it comes to marketing, you need a tactic that can help your reach your target audience, but when it comes to conversion you need a platform or an effective way that would have various benefits for your campaign. However, to handle all the emails and the campaigns on your own becomes difficult, but using Email Marketing tools can ease the process. A few benefits of Email Marketing Tools are as follows. 

1. Professionalism 

Email Marketing Tools help you to maintain the professionalism in your Email and some tools also offer you with the best format possible for your business, invitation, etc, as per your requirement. Apart from the format, proper presentation and engagement of the reader are also important, an Email marketing tool helps you to balance both the aspects.  

2. Conversion and Targeting 

If you are running a business and have different products or services to offer for different age groups, then separating each group for every different email or campaign becomes difficult. Email marketing tool helps you to categorize and target your audience effectively, this also helps you to derive a better conversion rate from your email list. The formats and the professionalism of email, with the help of an Email Marketing tool, ensure a higher percentage of Conversion rate.  

3. Easy to Use 

This is one of the primary advantages of using Email Marketing tools. The process becomes very easy for any individual to draft a high-conversion email that would drive sales for your business and reach a wide audience easily with the help of these tools. Apart from any licensing fees, you do not need any further additional cost to reach even an audience of thousands, that is one of the key advantages of using Email marketing tools for your business.  

Top 5 Email Marketing Tools in 2021 

After comprehending the various benefits that can be derived from using Email Marketing tools, it is significant to choose the right Email Marketing tool for your business. There are many tools that are available in the market and may or may not suit your budget, hence selecting the right one is important for your business. The top 5 Email marketing tools are mentioned as follows. 

1. Zoho Email Marketing Tool 

One of the well-known and commonly used tools used by many businesses is Zoho Email marketing tool. It provides an individual with various readymade email templates, autoresponders, follow up emails, and so on.  

A. It helps an individual to generate the necessary reports for lead generation, management of subscribers in an efficient way, etc.  
B. Even the support system by Zoho Email is very helpful as well as speedy. Individuals are provided with various ways through which they can connect with the customer support, such as text, calls, and so on. 
C. They offer different plans at a very affordable rate, based on either subscribers or email. 

A. Zoho Campaigns does not allow its user to make their own template which can be a drawback for many businesses.  

B. For every Email you send, it has to be first approved by Zoho Campaign, sometimes the approval process takes various hours. 

2. SendGrid 

SendGrid offers amazing email showcasing answers for organizations. The administrations are being utilized by more than 82,000 paying clients who send in excess of 50 billion messages in a month.   


A. SendGrid permits clients to send exchanges messages, including notices and welcome messages.  
B. Their devices can without much of a stretch be incorporated with different applications and programming dialects.  

C. SendGrid email promoting efforts help to achieve further developed client commitment and achieve business objectives. 
A. As compared to the other Marketing tools, SendGrid does not provide accurate statistics and records for each email’s info. 

B. Sometimes, the customer service that is provided by SendGrid is very slow and can impact any urgent matter of your business. 

3. MailChimp 

One of the commonly used Email marketing tools from many years and the most preferred tool is MailChimp. It is an email advertising instrument for bloggers and private companies. Without a doubt, it’s a reformist email promoting instrument with more than 1 billion messages sent each day.  


A. MailChimp has a free offer for new signups that makes it the most utilized email advertising programming.  

B. Some of the unique key features are incorporate contact dividing, administration and application reconciliations, autoresponders.  

C. The Free offer at MailChimp permits clients to send 12,000 messages each month with an endorser breaking point of 2,000. This is very helpful for small businesses or freelancers. 


A. As compared to the changing trends, Mailchimp should offer more templates that are as per businesses’ requirement and from the perspective of engagement. 

B. Since the past few years, Mailchimp has been increasing the prices of their plans which when compared to other marketing tools is quite high. 

4. ConvertKit  

ConvertKit is one of the new players in the Email Marketing tools but it has been gaining a huge popularity since an early stage.  


A. It was started in the year 2013 with the motive of easing the process of email marketing for specific targets such as authors, bloggers, vloggers, course creators, and so on.  

B. One of the key features of using ConvertKit is that you don’t need to have your own website because of their built-in landing page.  

C. It is the most feasible option if you are low on budget, the tool also provides you a 14-day free trial and it also has its own 30-day refund policy.  


A. For beginners, using ConvertKit can become difficult, they have a lot of features to offer, but without proper knowledge you cannot utilize them. 

5. GetResponse  

GetResponse is an email marketing tool that serves multiple purposes, it helps an individual with to also create webinar solutions and also a landing page. As per the recent stats of the company, it has a user base of more than 3,50,000. 


A.  They continue to add further developed elements to assist you with developing your email rundown generally.  

B. One of their key features is the ‘Perfect Timing’ includes that helps you to send messages during the most fitting time.  

C. They provide you with plans that are budget friendly and affordable, irrespective of the scope of your business.  


A. As compared to the other marketing tools and the features that are offered by GetResponse, the prices are slightly higher than the usual. 

B. It sometimes becomes difficult to manage multiple accounts on the marketing tool and that is a hindrance if you have a huge business running. 


1. Which is the cheapest Email marketing tool? 
Ans. Based on email or subscribers, the cheapest marketing tool would differ. Zoho Campaigns offer plans based on both the criterions.  

2. Do all the Email marketing tools have readymade templates to offer? 
Ans. Yes, almost all Email marketing tools have readymade templates to offer.  

3. Which Email marketing tools are the best for bloggers? 
Ans. You can go for Zoho campaigns, or Mailchimp, as they offer free services up to an extent from the above list. 

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