5 Best Email Marketing Tools for Salesforce in 2021

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5 Best Email Marketing Tools for Salesforce  

 Be it small or giant businesses, every brand has realized and taken an extra step towards channelling a chunk of its funds into digital marketing. The traditional marketing has almost faded and been taken over by digital marketing. The first segment that comes to the mind of every digital marketer is Email Marketing. Email marketing has been one of the most effective and lead-generating options for every brand. However, utilizing Email marketing in the best possible manner is very difficult without the use of a correct Email marketing tool, this adds efficiency even in your salesforce. 

Best Email Marketing Tools for Salesforce

What is Email Marketing? 

 According to its definition, Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using Email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered Email Marketing. It involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations. Email Marketing can be considered as targeting your audience and engaging with them directly with your content and generating sales or lead through the same process over a period of time.  

Benefits of using Email Marketing Tools for Salesforce  

With regards to promoting, you need a strategy that can help you arrive at your intended interest group, yet with regards to transformation, you need a stage or a compelling way that would have different advantages for your campaign. Notwithstanding, to deal with every one of the emails and the missions all alone becomes troublesome, yet utilizing Email Marketing apparatuses can facilitate the interaction. A couple of advantages of Email Marketing Tools are as per the following. 

1. Saving Time and Money 

Nowadays, Email Marketing is done on a large scale, with a huge Email list that instantly sends your sales message or content to thousands of people in one go in a form of a personalized message. In the initial stages, it takes time to develop your email list and acquire services of mass Email Marketing, however, once done, it will save you a lot of time and money which would have been spent and wasted otherwise through different platforms. Without a marketing tool, this becomes a very difficult task, and hence with the right Email marketing tool you can save a lot of time and money. 

2. Strong Relations 

Businesses run on relations, and repetitive sales or customers run on the basis of strong relations. Personalized Emails can give your customer or the receiver a feeling of personal communication. Note this, everyone likes to feel important, Emails help you with just the same. It would make your receiver feel that direct communication and create a good impact on you and your business, thereby creating good relations with your customer, and Email Marketing tools helps your salesforce to achieve perfection in that aspect.  

Top 5 Email Marketing Tools for Salesforce in 2021 

 After studying the various benefits that can be derived from using Email Marketing tools for Salesforce, it is significant to choose the right Email Marketing tool for your business. There are many tools that are available in the market and may or may not suit your budget, hence selecting the right one is important for your business, as it should also suit the requirements and the built-in of your salesforces, thereby keeping your marketing team in the loop. The top 5 Email marketing tools for Salesforce are mentioned as follows. 

1. Zoho Email Marketing Tool 

Zoho Campaigns is made to make, convey, and oversee incorporated email campaigns that can help in boosting the deals of an organization and its client base. Zoho Campaigns is really an email advertising arrangement that can empower a brand to extend its span with an extraordinary capacity to coordinate with applications like Facebook, WordPress, YouTube, and so on. 


A. It helps an individual to generate the necessary reports for lead generation, management of subscribers in an efficient way, etc.  

B. Even the support system by Zoho Email is very helpful as well as speedy. Individuals are provided with various ways through which they can connect with the customer support, such as text, calls, and so on. 

C. They offer different plans at a very affordable rate, based on either subscribers or email. 


A. Zoho Campaigns does not allow its user to make their own template which can be a drawback for many businesses.  

B. For every Email you send, it has to be first approved by Zoho Campaign, sometimes the approval process takes various hours. 


If you are looking out for a Email Marketing Tool that offers varieties of templates and an affordable price, Zoho Campaign should be your preference. 

2. MailChimp 

One of the commonly used Email marketing tools from many years and the most preferred tool is MailChimp. It is an email advertising instrument for bloggers and private companies.   


A. The Mailchimp user interface is intuitive making it easy to set up your first email with great drag-and-drop options, previews, and HTML review.  

B. The Free offer at MailChimp permits clients to send 12,000 messages each month with an endorser breaking point of 2,000. This is very helpful for small businesses or freelancers. 


A. As compared to the changing trends, Mailchimp should offer more templates that are as per businesses’ requirement and from the perspective of engagement. 

B. Since the past few years, Mailchimp has been increasing the prices of their plans which when compared to other marketing tools is quite high. Their basic plan starts around 11$.  


If you are a part-time blogger, you can easily make use of the free services provided by Mailchimp, however, if you are a huge organization, Mail Chimp can be your ideal choice as well.

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3. Constant Contact  

Constant Contact free email showcasing programming assists you with understanding your crowd’s reaction, so you can design your next advertising move. They are No.1 in Website Magazine’s rundown of the main 50 email marketing services.  


A. It gives users maximum freedom for creating interactive and attractive marketing campaigns. 

B. It provides users with amazing features like creating polls, etc for interacting with the subscriber list. 


A. There are no video options available and less background templates are at use. 

B. Most of the useful features are only available if you take the premium plan. 


It is no doubt one of the top Email Marketing tools whose plans start as low as 20$ with lots of different features helpful for a business. 

4. LeadSquared  

LeadSquared is a customer procurement stage for organizations. It consolidates the components presented by both CRMs just as Marketing Automation programming, and hence welcomes your Sales and Marketing groups in total agreement. 


A. LeadSquared’s user interface is very easy to understand and easy to use as well. 

B. The tool provides a detailed dashboard of all the campaigns and these dashboards are very informative and easy to understand. 


A. LeadSquared is a little bit expensive compared to other tools that rivals its services, they should provide more services. 

B. LeadSquared creates a problem in slow internet connections, which poses an issue for individual freelancers. 


As compared to the pros, the cons of LeadSquared can be ignored and be used as a email marketing tool for Salesforce. 

5. Autopilot 

Autopilot offers a promoting stage with an emphasis on integration. Clients get a solitary perspective on the entirety of their client information to make robotizing the advertising venture simpler. These bits of knowledge likewise make profound individual excursions that change dependent on client conduct. 


A. One of its key features is the hundreds of pre-built automation templates to automate sequences in a matter of clicks. 

B. It offers full control and implement new web forms to capture leads quickly with its automatic form detection. 


A. Although the tool “integrate with everything” to provide basic functionality the integrations are sub-par and don’t work well. 

B. The dashboard of the tool, offers less tabs and hence it becomes difficult to analyse.  


Autopilot can be a good option for organizations that operate on large-scale as even the lowest plan of the tool goes around 49 $.  


1. Which is the best Email Marketing Tool for Salesforce? 
Ans. Every Email marketing tool has its own benefits and hence the best tool would vary as per your requirements.  

2. What should be the average monthly plan cost in email marketing tool? 
Ans. Anywhere around 15 to 20 $ can be considered as the average cost. 

3. Which is the most commonly used email marketing tool? 
Ans. As per records, Mailchimp is considered to be the most commonly used marketing tool.

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