Best Email Marketing Strategies for E-Commerce in 2021

Email Marketing Strategies for E-Commerce in 2021 

E-Commerce is a platform where businesses involved only with traditional and offline markets have seen a tremendous growth in the profit graph of their company and reached a wide range of audiences, even on an international level. During the pandemic, it was all the E-commerce platforms that performed and kept the market flowing. However, every E-commerce business requires an effective marketing strategy to keep their business scaling. When it comes to digital marketing, the most effective and common segment of marketing campaigns is Email marketing. An E-Commerce business can run well if effective Email marketing strategies are used by an individual. 

best email marketing strategies for ecommerce

What is E-commerce business? 

E-Commerce can be defined as the buying and selling of goods or services via the internet, and the transfer of money and data to complete the sales. It’s also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce. Almost every different brand has its own E-commerce store where they display its goods and services and expand their business by reaching a wider audience and different regions through the internet.  

What is Email Marketing? 

Having your E-Commerce store running and acquiring new customers requires extensive and smart online marketing campaigns. One of the effective ways of marketing is to engage with the existing customers and get in touch with visitors who show interest in your products but never make a purchase. However, to capture the visitor’s details or to strengthen the relations with the existing customers as well as keeping them updated of new arrivals, an E-commerce website needs to opt for some favourable marketing tactic. Email marketing helps you to engage and generate a good conversation rate over time.  

According to its definition, Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using Email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered Email Marketing. It involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales. 

Email Marketing Strategies for E-Commerce  

After comprehending the benefits and the importance of email marketing, it is crucial that an individual uses the right forms of techniques or strategies to implement effective email marketing campaigns for their E-commerce business. The various email marketing strategies that are effective for E-Commerce businesses are mentioned as follows. 

1. Design of your Email 

As the quote goes, ‘First Impression is always the last impression.’, in email marketing clubbed with your E-Commerce business, it is crucial to realize that a person receives dozens of emails in a week. It is significant that the design or the template that you choose for your Emails is attractive and unique as compared to other Email marketers. To have you start off, you can try out using HTML email templates and evolve your designs with time and trends. 

2. Making the use of Multimedia  

A picture speaks a thousand words. Rather than making your email long and boring for your customers, it would be attractive to make use of multimedia such as images, GIF’s, videos, and so on. An attractive display of multimedia would instantly grab the attention of your reader and give them a gist about your email. Multimedia is very helpful for having a higher percentage of conversion rate. For an E-Commerce business, you can display your product or announce some offers with an enticing multimedia. 

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3. Using Subject lines to evoke suspense 

When a customer receives an email, the first impression of the engagement is the subject line that is sent by the individual. When promoting your E-commerce business, you should make use of such subject lines that instantly makes your customers curious about the content within. Since you are marketing your E-commerce business, few subject lines such as ‘Here’s a surprise for you.’, ‘Did you grab your free offer?’ would do the work. 

4. Be Consistent but not Pushy 

This is one of the significant Email marketing strategies for an E-commerce business that helps you to avoid unsubscribes and generate a better conversion rate. The idea or the motive here is to entice the customers to make a purchase, however, you need to be consistent with your emails, let’s say maybe once a week. Email marketers need to understand the difference between being consistent and being pushy. Spamming your customers with attractive emails on a regular basis would just increase your unsubscribes. Hence, being consistent is professional while being very consistent can be pushy for your E-commerce business. 

5. Utilizing your E-commerce website  

For Email marketing, your E-commerce website should have at least two different sources through which you can collect the emails of your visitors. Your E-commerce website should have a link for joining the email list and at a certain time period it should also offer a decent popup that asks for the visitor’s email in return for something valuable, such as offers, discounts, and so on. Many E-commerce business owners ignore this minute detail and refrain from collecting many Email Id’s of different visitors. 

6. The Referral Strategy 

In platforms such as E-commerce website, word of mouth is the key to strengthening and scaling the business. With the referral strategy, you can aim at two different aspects and achieve success. By offering your existing customer with some incentive or discount for every person they refer, you would develop engagement with the customer and you would also raise an awareness for your brand through the referral program. This is a common practice among many E-Commerce websites and is very effective in terms of generating new leads. This also helps your E-commerce business to have a good engagement among new customers and develop a word-of-mouth campaign.  

7. Countdown Deals  

Every customer has a ‘Fear of missing out’, more commonly known as FOMO on various opportunities. As an E-commerce website, you can offer your existing customer with an irresistible offer and keep a countdown on the same deal. Your countdown deal can either last for an entire day or even an entire week, such type of marketing strategy would entice the customer to make a purchase. However, more importantly than that, it would also ensure that your email subscribers do not miss the future emails from your end and also avoid showing up in the spam folder as it is a common practise, especially for E-commerce businesses.  


1. Would free versions of email marketing tools work for E-commerce website? 
Ans. If your Email list is within 1000 subscribers, you can consider using the free version of email marketing tools. 

2. How can you collect more email on your E-commerce website? 
Ans. You can include a Pop-up notification on your website to capture emails. 

3. How can you avoid your emails being dropped in the spam folder? 
Ans. If you are consistent with your emails, there are very less chances of being in the spam folder. 

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