Top 6 Best Dropshipping Companies (Complete Guide)

Overview Of Dropshipping Companies

Youngsters have a very creative mind. With the advent of technology, people have easy access to many platforms and forums for their creative business ideas. Also, tech-savvy people miss out less, on opportunities. One such business opportunity that is booming already is Dropshipping. Now let us answer the questions that have arisen in our minds already.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a legal business idea or a model that helps businessmen in selling their products online without keeping the items in stocks like those in the retail market or shops.

The Dropshipping company purchases a product from another person or a third party and then sells it to the customer or passes on the order directly to another party like the manufacturer or wholesaler itself which in turn will carry out the shipment process of the product or conduct the sale.

Let us say, Person A who is a buyer places an order on Person B who is a Dropshipping company. Now, B will turn to person C who is a manufacturer or a wholesaler, and forward the sale information to them and they will carry out the entire sales process, or B will buy the product from C and sell it to A. 

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How does Dropshipping work?

The entire process of Dropshipping is super simple and easy. It is cost as well as time-effective. There are a total of three parties involved in the Dropshipping process namely

  • Buyer
  • Dropshipping Company
  • Supplier (wholesaler or manufacturer).

The whole Dropshipping process can be explained using three simple steps.

  1. An order will be placed by the buyer and received by the Company.
  2. The placed order will be forwarded to the supplier along with shipment details
  3. The supplier will fulfill the placed order.

Every business has certain advantages. With advantages increases the profits of the company. Let us have a short glance at a few advantages of Dropshipping companies. 

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  • Low investment costs: Just like any other traditional business or unlike some E-commerce businesses, the cost of investment in Dropshipping is very less. No warehouses are required, there are no stocks to be kept, and therefore no stock requirements. Thus, Dropshipping helps you cut the highest investment costs. 
  • A Wider range of products: The range of products that can be offered to the customer is high as the entrepreneur or the company has to directly approach the supplier of the demanded product which can easily be available.

We are fairly aware of how Dropshipping works. However, one of the important aspects of Dropshipping is choosing the right company. It is very important to choose the right company for any product. Here are a few companies that have been listed as the best ones in 2021. 


AliDropship is a site for people who want an all-in-one store. It is the best solution for Dropshipping with AliExpress. It is a great online platform for young entrepreneurs at a reasonable price. The plugins are completely integrated with WordPress, Shopify, and WooCommerce. With one click, AliDropship imports huge amounts of products from AliExpress for your convenience and shopping into your account. The buyer has full ownership of their online store. It requires a one-time payment of $89 for the AliDropship Plugin.

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Inventory Source   

This company automatically synchronizes the inventory to the E-commerce site that the buyer uses. It helps you in a number of ways, right from choosing the supplier to choosing your products as well. It can be synced with any website. The biggest key feature is all the product data including the images, titles, sizes, etc. are all accurately uploaded. One can also track the shipment easily till it arrives after the order has been placed. Pricing begins at $99 per month.


Oberlo is a well-known and highly popular Dropshipping company where one can easily search for and buy products. It is linked with Shopify. One can click the product required and can add them to their Shopify store instantly. Oberlo has an e-Packet delivery feature where the seller can make quick and fast delivery of the e-Packages. All the products added to the wishlist or placed an order for are managed by the seller. Multiple user accounts can also be connected. Its basic plan costs $299 per month.

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Compared to other companies, Spocket is a more recent company. It is integrated with Shopify and WooCommerce. Spocket is said to be the best company for sellers who are willingly looking for original US/ EU products for selling purposes. It is a huge marketplace with a variety of products. Since the customers are mainly from the US or EU, the delivery of goods is faster, and good customer services are provided through emails and chats. It offers two paid plans starting from $29.


This company gives you the best insights into hot selling trends apart from the accurate ideas of products and goods along with unlimited training to learn in detail about Dropshipping. The products listed on SaleHoo are verified and it is in huge amounts. The buyers are verified too. Unlike any other Dropshipping company, this company provides the customer with a 60 days money return policy. It costs $67 for a year of access and $127 for lifetime access, which is a major advantage for retailers.

Worldwide Brands 

This Dropshipping company contains 16 million certified products along with 8000 verified suppliers. Its company is of great significance if one intends to stick to the Dropshipping business for a long period of time. It offers applications on your mobile phones to help you search for the best products listed. It comes with a 60-day money return policy and it also helps you to carry out business with local suppliers. It is said to be best for sellers who are looking for a one-time investment and the one-time investment cost is $299.

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 Dropshipping, as we can conclude requires very less investment and particularly fewer risks. A Few of the best companies when it comes to Dropshipping are Alidropship, Inventory Source, Spocket, Oberlo, SaleHoo, and Worldwide Brands. Each has its own key features and advantages. You can choose either one of them, according to your interests and dealings.

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