Best CRM Software for Sales and Marketing in 2022

Best CRM Software For Sales And Marketing In 2022


The primary objective of any business is to focus on the sales and drive more profits. However, sales and marketing are the two aspects that are considered to be the most difficult fields for any business. It not only decides the profit of a business but also their impression with regard to the customers or the clients of a business. The main aim of every CRM software is to manage customer relations through such fields. Sales and Marketing are the most crucial aspects that are covered under CRM software and the various tools that they offer.

What is CRM software?


CRM or also known as Customer Relationship Management is a software tool that immensely benefits an organization or a company to create a good impression and manage customer relations on behalf of the company through its various tools. The main aim of CRM software is to manage customer relationships through various tools that provide features such as automation. However, along with the same, the tool also helps the business by time management, creating more efficiency, and easing up the task of the sales and marketing team. There are three types of CRM software,

  • Operational CRM
  • Analytical CRM
  •  Collaborative CRM
Best CRM Software for Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing are the two touchpoints that leaves an impact about a brand in the minds of their customers. The manner in which the brand behaved or offered their service to their customer is very crucial. As for marketing, the tagline, the interactions, tactics, also speak a lot about the brand’s image, and hence having a good CRM software for Sales and Marketing is significant. The top 5 CRM software for Sales and Marketing are as follows.


1. Zoho CRM

Established in the year 1996, Zoho Corporation is a software development company that provides a wide range of software products that are easy to use, hassle-free, and especially designed with tools that are favourable and dedicated to the sales and marketing of an organization, along with managing customer relations through the same.



  • One of the many features of Zoho Campaigns is having the dynamic content feature and automated list segmentation; it helps users to send personalized messages with different templates that appeal to their clients and hence it results in effective marketing.


  • With an entire range of software products and tools available at hand, users can choose a variety of different tools for sales and marketing.



  • The various templates that are provided by the software could do better as compared to the other CRM in the market.


With their basic plan starting as low as 10 $/ month, Zoho CRM is the ideal choice for many businesses when it comes to sales and marketing.


2. HubSpot

Establishing its operations in the year 2006, HubSpot was the first company to offer email marketing automation as a platform and since then the tool has been used by more than 50,000 companies, however, most of them is utilized by small businesses and even E-Commerce business



  • HubSpot provides a way to integrate all online marketing efforts to ensure that all campaigns have a strategic and integrated focus. This allows companies to have a truly closed loop marketing strategy.
  • One of the best advantages of using HubSpot is that they provide a seamless customer support to the users at any point of requirement. You will always have some support team available to assist you.



  • HubSpot charges you according to your email list, there are high chances of having inactive users in your list and hence it is a disadvantage for many.


Although the charges for using HubSpot are more as compared to its competitors, the features are definitely worth the cost.


3. Salesflare

There is many CRM software available in the market, but if you are looking for a CRM that updates and fills out itself, then Salesflare is your answer. For businesses focusing on sales and marketing, to keep a track of all the upcoming updates for a CRM software is a difficult job and hence Salesflare is the ideal option for the same.



  • It offers features such as Email automation and sequences, this helps to trigger emails or sequences manually which is a bonus for marketing of your brand.
  • With various tools that support automation, it manages customer relations very smoothly.



  • Even though Salesflare provides different features, it becomes very complex to handle all of it if your business is on a large scale.


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As compared to most of the CRM software in the market, Salesflare offers various features within a reasonable price.


4. Zendesk

From what started as a customer service tool, Zendesk has now evolved into one of the fastest-growing CRM software that competes with several well-known CRM software in the market. As compared to its competitors, Zendesk focuses more on sales and marketing aspects.



  • It provides various automation tools that assist the marketing team of an organization and ease up the process.
  • The customer support of Zendesk is very fast and reliable for any type of issue that you reach them up with.



  • For sales and marketing point of view, integration with third-party applications is very important, however, Zendesk lacks the two-way syncing process.


Zendesk is definitely a recommended CRM software if your aim is to ease up the process of sales and marketing.


5. Freshworks CRM

As we already know that there are different types of CRM software that are focused on various aspects of a business. Freshworks is a CRM software that is entirely focused on the sales aspect of a business; however, it also provides various automation tools that emphasize on marketing as well.



  • For most of the CRM software, users are required to go through various training videos for understanding the working of the software, however, Freshworks CRM is very easy and simple to use.
  • They offer various tools, but they also have a very simplified platform that makes it easy for users to explore all the available tools.



  • If your business is on a large-scale, Freshworks has a limit of 500 subscribers and hence you may require multiple accounts.


If your business is running on a small or medium scale business, then you have all the reasons to use Freshworks CRM.


Operational CRM covers sales and marketing fields.

CRM such as Zoho, HubSpot, Freshworks are recommended for sales and marketing.

Zoho CRM and HubSpot are very easy to use and understand and hence it can be a good choice for beginners.

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