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One of the well-known cities in Maharashtra, Pune has been a hub for a number of businesses. There are many individuals who look out for learning Chocolate making courses in Pune. The usual search is to go for Chocolate making training courses near me, however, choosing the right type of chocolate making classes amongst many becomes very difficult to choose from for people who are not aware of the various courses that can be learned. There are various chocolate making training classes in Pune that can help you to learn different techniques and types of chocolate-making ideas.

About Chocolate Making Training

Similar to the different types of coaching classes, there are many different Chocolate Making courses or classes in Pune. By learning the different courses that are provided through these classes, you can learn and practice your own way of making chocolates on your own. Some of these classes provide you with professional courses and methods that can ease up your process of making chocolate.

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Best Chocolate Making Classes in Pune

As we can comprehend from the above words, there are various training courses in Pune through which you can master yourself in the chocolate making field. However, there are a few of the well-known classes that are not only near you but also give you a unique experience in your journey of learning chocolate making. The Best Chocolate making courses in Pune are mentioned as follows.

1. Knowbbies

Just how unique the name is, so are their courses and teachings that they provide to individuals who wish to learn chocolate making courses. They also excel in teaching about cakes, muffins, art, Punjabi, and so on. If you are looking forward to learn multiple courses under a single roof, then Knowbbies is the best option for one of the best chocolate making training courses in Pune.


Address: 205 Decision Tower, Satara Road, Satara Rd, next to Ideas Associates, Pune, Maharashtra 411037

2. Cooking with Bhavna

Another name to look out for is Cooking with Bhavna. For individuals who watch out for the best chocolate training classes in Pune, this would be one of the top places that people come across. They provide different courses apart from chocolate making trainings and have a good customer rating as well.

Contact: 091398 37393

Address: Eden Garden, B/8 Flat # 624, Phoenix Road, Nagar Rd, Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411014

3. Home Chef Anamika

One of the well-known names in Pune for learning different types of courses when it comes to cooking is Home Chef Anamika. You can learn a wide range of items and receive professional trainings through this class. With more than 100 + reviews and feedbacks from customers, this can be an ideal choice for learning chocolate making courses in Pune.

Contact: 082378 28813

Address: A-101 & 102, Dew Drops Apartment, Alandi Road, Vishrantwadi, near Big Bazaar, Pune, Maharashtra 411015.

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4. Whisk n Bake Institute

If you are looking to learn professional courses and services in Pune, Whisk n Bake is the perfect place to go for. You will be offered and taught different methods and types of chocolate making techniques. With a number of good ratings on the internet, Whisk n Bake institute should be in your list of consideration.

Contact: 08007718049

Address: N–90, HN 1/1, Anand Park, Dhanori,, behind Amba Nagari, Pune, Maharashtra 411015

5. Rajul’s Cookery Classes

When it comes to learning about cookery or chocolate making training courses in Pune, Rajul’s cookery classes is another name that has gained a name in Pune. Apart from excelling in cookery, you will also learn various chocolate making courses here. With an average rating of 4.8, it can be a good choice.

Contact: 09766622662

Address: 1343, Opp jain Temple, in lane of Alok Resturant, Tatyaba Sadhuji Gaikwad Rd, Near PMC, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411005.

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