Best 7 Affiliate Marketing Networks in 2021

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Best Affiliate Marketing Networks in 2021 

We know about Affiliate Marketing and how it works. An Affiliate promotes or markets the brand or the seller and in return receives incentives according to the payment structure. However, another important aspect of this business model is Affiliate Networks. Let us understand the concept of Affiliate Networks and a few of the best Affiliate networks out there.   

What are Affiliate Networks? 

 Affiliate networks can be described as the middleman or in better words, as an intermediary between the Affiliates and the seller or the various affiliate programs. Affiliate Networks helps the affiliates to find a suitable seller or merchant who would provide affiliate programs that match with their website content and would help them to earn good profits. As for the merchant or seller’s point of view, it connects them with relevant websites.   

How does it work? 

 To be a part of an Affiliate Network, you just have to be signup with the corresponding network that you decide to go with. As part of the network, you are given access to various merchants who may match with your content and interest and in return, merchants would have a look at your application and according to relevancy, you are connected.   

Few of the Best Affiliate Networks  

 There are too many Affiliate Networks that you can choose from, according to your interest and your product target. Every affiliate would definitely aim for the best Network, as that would help to be a part of a decent program and increase sales effectively.  

1. Amazon Associates 

 The name needs no introduction; Amazon is the largest e-commerce brand that is out there. To sign up with Amazon’s affiliate network you just have to link with your existing Amazon account and it instantly adds you up with Amazon Network. One of the major advantages of Amazon is its brand value, the variety of products they offer and it even pays you for generating traffic. However, one of the major drawbacks are that they offer very low commission.   

2. Flipkart Affiliate  

 Another giant E-commerce brand is Flipkart. It has many products to offer, right from mobiles to various other accessories. You require no fees to signup with Flipkart. The only role here is to drive sales by leading your customer or audience to the product through their device and earn on the purchase that they make. It offers you various tools that can help you grow your business and gives you a commission of up to 15%. 

3. eBay Affiliate 

 Are you looking for some fast money? Then this Affiliate network or program is another good option for you. For in eBay, you just have to signup for free and promote your link. Once a consumer makes a purchase, you receive your commission easily. The commissions on eBay go up to 12%. eBay network provides you with some necessary tools that can help you in your business growth.  

4. Reseller Club 

Known as one of the largest and oldest reseller hosting company, Reseller club can offer you to earn around 2000 to 8000rs of commission on each referral. It offers various paying out options such as PayPal and even Bank transfers. However, the minimum payout limit is 50rs.   

5. DGM India 

 DGM India is known as one of the best Affiliate programs in India. Just like other Affiliate programs, DGM India is free to join, it is a type of Digital ad network that offers you with good commission rate for most of its programs. One of the major advantages of Digital India is its attractive commission rates that are offered.  

6. vCommission  

 Known as India’s largest Affiliate network, having a network of Affiliates that goes over more than 15000 publishers. It is one of the oldest Affiliate networks in India. It is well-known for having tie-ups with Myntra, AliExpress, and Snapdeal. One of the eligibility criteria with this network is that the content of your website should be in English, and also, the minimum pay-out is around Rs.5000.   

7. Cuelinks  

 One of the growing and well-known Affiliate networks is Cuelink. It is known for its JavaScript code, which helps a user to monetise the content with the help of an Affiliate link. With more than 400 plus advertisers it also provides with plugins that tune-in with WordPress.   


 As we understand that choosing the right Affiliate network or program is crucial for your business growth and profits. Ranging from Amazon associates, Flipkart, eBay, Reseller Club, vCommission, Cuelinks, and DGM India are a few of the best and well-known Affiliate Networks that provide decent programs and offer various tools that can aid you in your business. 

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