How to Start Bee Farming Business in India in 2021 – Investment, Profits, ROI

How to Start Bee Farming Business in India in 2021 
Farming or rather Agriculture is an art within itself that involves hard work, constant care, and the moment of reaping the benefits out of the farming. Whenever we come across the term ‘bees’, the first instinct which goes through our mind is hordes of bees that are harmful and that their sting would lead to some agonizing pain to the individual. That’s a natural thought to have for most of us, however, in reality, these creatures are responsible for producing one of the sweetest things which we call ‘Honey’. Let us understand in-depth about how can you start your Bee Farming business and procure Honey. 

Farming Business in India
What is Bee Farming? 
As the name suggests, Bee Farming is basically the rearing of honey bees in a particular area or farm, this is also termed as ‘Apiculture’. Here, the business owner or the owner of the farm buys or gathers the bees for breeding and then later on especially in the month of spring, procures the honey that is being gathered and prepared by the bees. This honey is pure and is mostly sold as a commercial product to the further chain of business and supply.  
Different Types of Bees 
There is a hierarchy that follows in the bee colonies that you settle in your land or on your farm. It is according to this hierarchy that the procurement of honey and the breeding of bees takes place. The details of the same are mentioned as follows. 
A. A Queen Bee 
This is perhaps the most superior or the leader of a beehive or a bee colony. The Queen Bee is the only fertile female bee in the entire Bee colony and hence the importance lies with the Queen Bee. 
B. Female Workers Bee 
The Female Workers Bee consists of a huge number in a Beehive, they are responsible for procuring the essentials of honey and hence their numbers are huge. It is said that their number goes for 30000 and more in a Bee colony. 
C. Male Drones 
These bees have only one type of major task and that is for Breeding purposes. 
Different Breeds of Bees 
The honey that you procure would depend on the types of Bees that you have in your Bee farm and hence it is crucial for you to have knowledge about the various types of Breeds that are there in the species of Bees. Usually, there are only 5 known and important breeds that are used in Bee Farming.  
1. The Indian Hive Bee 
These bees are found locally in Asia and also in India, their size is bigger than that of the little bees. You can expect the bees to give you a honey yield of 6 to 8 kgs annually at each colony. If we talk about a colony, they do not go for a single comb, rather they build it in a parallel way. 
2. Rock Bees  
Compared to the Indian Hive Bees, Rock bees are very difficult to raise, in fact, Indian Hive Bees are very easy to breed. These bees are found in the mountainous regions and are giant compared to the other bees. However, these bees would give you a honey yield of 36Kg annually per honeycomb. 
3. The European Bees 
The European Bees have a similar pattern as compared to the Indian Hive Bees and they build their comb in a parallel way. You can only acquire these bees by buying them, they are found only in Italy. You can expect a honey yield between 30 to 40kgs.  
4. The Little Bees 
These are the tiniest type of bees that you would find in India, they go building vertical types of Combs which are in branches of shrubberies, supports, structures, caverns, void cases, and so on. You can expect about half kg of Honey annually. These are also stingless bees of breeds; however, you can only procure 100gms of honey every year which is very less.  
List of Equipment Required 
Every beginner needs to take note of the equipment that would be necessary for having their Bee farm excel without any hassle. Below mentioned are all the equipment that is required. 
A. Bee Veil 
This equipment should be on your priority list while starting your Bee farm. You need to protect your head from the sting of bees while collecting honey. Hence, apart from the suit, Bee Veil would be necessary. 
B. Hives 
You need the Hives to be prepared by yourself or any of your assistants according to the type of Bees that you are breeding in your bee farm. Hives are usually made of wood or plastic. 
C. Gloves 
D. Smoker 
E. Bee Suit 
F. Frames 
G. Hive Tools 
H. Bee Catcher 
I. Bee Brush 
Various Honey Products 
Once you have understood the basics of Bee Farming and acquired all the things mentioned above, it is time to understand the potential of the Honey that you are acquiring and the various variants in which you can sell them in the market. Various Honey products that you can sell are as follows. 
1. Honey 
That’s the most obvious product that would be first in line and that is to sell Honey in the market. There are various well-known brands in the market such as Dabur honey, you can keep a competitive price.  
2. Bee Wax 
You can obtain Bee Wax very easily while having a Bee farm. The best part is that Bee Wax has many uses of its own which make the product very useful and creates a demand in the market. Bee Wax is used as a lubricant in crayons, candle making, gum, carbon paper, food processing, and so on. 
3. Royal Jelly 
Another product that you can sell on owning a Beehive is Royal jelly. The price of the Royal jelly depends from country to country; however, the demand is huge in every nation. 
4. Bee Venom 
Apart from stinging, did you know Bee Venom is used as a medicinal property as well? A Bee Venom can cost as high as 14000 INR, which is very profitable

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