How to Apply Licenses and Permits for StartUps


How to Apply for Licenses and Permits  For Startups

Over the years, registering your new business/start-up had become a very long and tiresome process for every entrepreneur, in some cases, they were not even able to register because of the elongated process. However, after digitalization, things have become quite simple and the number of permits and licenses have been lessened by the government as well. Let us have a look at various licenses and permits required and how to apply for them.


Why should you apply for Licenses and Permits?


After the registration of your business or even during the on-going process, acquiring licenses and permits is important. Without these licenses, it would turn out to be difficult for you to operate your business in the particular location, and in case of any contingency you may face various legal actions from the concerned people, hence, it is always safe to apply and acquire the necessary licenses and permits.


GST Registration


GST registration is almost mandatory for each and every entity or every type of business structure. Companies or individuals who have an annual turnover exceeding 20 lakhs and 10 lakhs in Special Category are required to obtain GST Registration. the GST registration requires certain documents such as address proof, identity proof, photographs, bank account statements, and a PAN card. You can easily register on the official website of GST India.


FSSAI License


This license is only applicable for businesses dealing in the food industry. “Food safety and standard authority of India” (FSSAI), is a certificate to verify and approve the safety and standardization of food products nationwide. Retail stores, restaurants, and consumers keep a keen eye for this five-letter word in their food packets.

Under FSSAI, the license or registration is divided into three categories namely:

  • FSSAI Central License
  • FSSAI State License
  • FSSAI State Registration


Shop and Establishment License


The Shop and Establishment Act provides for the rules to be followed by every shop and entity running its business in the state. This Act also acquires for shop and establishment license or trade license. A business that comes under the definition of shop and establishment must obtain the Shop and Establishment Certificate to avoid legal charges and actions. This license is more in the favor of the employees, such as the working hours, good conditions of working, child labor etc. You can easily apply for such a document with the state by submitting the common documents. 


Air and Water pollution control Permit


In case your business has any chance to pollute the environment through any means such as the chemical waste or some air pollutants from the remains, etc. then you have an obligation to acquire this permit to keep your business going. To apply for this license, you need to keep various documents ready, such as attested copy of the sale deed, MOM, a detailed manufacturing process of each product, STP proposal, ETP proposal, and APC measures. 


Import Export Code (IEC)

As the name suggests, this license is only applicable and obtained by businesses dealing in the import and export business, this license is issued by DGFT, i.e., Director General of Foreign Trade. To apply for this license, you need to fill an application with necessary documents such as PAN of your company, bank details, and the Aadhar card of an individual. Later you need to submit it to DGFT with a digital signature certificate and once it gets approved you receive the IEC license.


Fire department licenses


Once again, this license is limited to only a few entities or businesses that deal with inflammable products or objects for their business. In some areas, it is mandatory to get this permit before the opening of your business. Other areas don’t require permits but they may require a scheduled periodic inspection of your business to see if you meet the fire safety regulations.




So from here, we can conclude and understand why these licenses and permits are significant for our business. These licenses vary according to the different types of business you deal with. For example, if you deal with the food industry, restaurants then you may require the licenses such as FSSAI, in case of a firecracker you may require the Fire department licenses, and so on. The application for such a license is easy with the common documentation that is asked for.

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