About Us
Our Story
We make sure that our clients find thoughtful, pragmatic partners to address their business needs.

Founded in 2017, StartupYo is a Hyderabad-based business platform that aims at helping entrepreneurs to start their business. From small local business to medium scale enterprises, we provide expertise to business of all scales across diverse industries. Our internal professionals, together with our wide network of affiliated experts, offer entrepreneurs with exceptional depth and breadth of expertise.

Who we are

We are a network of affiliated experts looking to widen our skills by helping existing and new businesses.

What we do

We provide handholding support to businesses so they move in the right direction towards success.

How we do it

We understand businesses, identify their specific needs and connect them to the dedicated professional.

Our Journey
We have Impacted more than 800 Entrepreneurs
The Idea

StartupYo started with an idea to create a knowledge and collaboration platform to connect and benefit each other. Its started with a single person with a bigger vision to make small business community more stronger.

First Steps

After lot of research on small businesses in India we have started it small with an Youtube channel to share some business ideas and industry information. Now we have successfully reached close 100k subscribers to our Youtube channel.

What we have done

We wanted to create a complete Eco system to start and run business successfully, We have onboarded more than 150 Experts, 400+ service partners and helped more than 800 Entrepreneurs till now.


We wanted to make StartupYo as a one stop solutions for your business. We believe “The right start will sustain the business in long term” So we wanted to be part of in such successful start with you. Lets “StartupYo”

mission and vision
Let’s StartupYo
about us StartupYo

We would like to be the key partner for many successful start-up’s by filling the vacuum of knowledge and support they need.

We help you to make your idea into a successful business