7 Ways to Choose Your Business Name

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How to Choose Your Business Name 

Naming your business is one of the important decisions you have to make while establishing your business. The Company’s /business name should be catchy and people should be attracted to it. Name of the business talks with potential customers and they come to know about your business and your branding. It’s important to get a good business name because in the past many businesses have failed due to a wrong name, which didn’t work, and as we all know, the first impression is the last impression.  

There are a few important steps to keep in mind before deciding a name for your business. 

Choose Your Business Name

A Unique Name 

It is important to be original. Try not to use too common names that are used in your industry or by your competitors. Ask yourself, what would make your target audience’s brows rise? Or what name would make them curious to check out the product? However, it is to be noted that your name should not be completely unique and unrelated to your product or industry. As long as it is different yet related to your product or your business it would work fine.   

Easy to Remember  

You want your customers to easily remember about your business name when they talk about your products or services. Remember, word of mouth is an important concept, it carries on major marketing for your business. So, your name should not be too difficult for your customer to spell out or to remember while spreading the word of your brand or your product. Choose the name wisely, which is easy to spell and remember.  


This point is already known to everyone, yet you should always do thorough research for names. You never know if somebody else is using the same name that you plan to use for your business. In the future, your business may also have its own website which is why you should always secure your business name and make sure there is no other business that even closely resembles it. Doing extensive research would help. Another step that would be recommended is to get your name checked on the website of registered names, to see if there is an existing brand with the same name. 

A personal touch 

The primary motive here is that you should also be convinced about the name that you select for your business. You can select a name based on something that is near and dear to you, only if that is related to your business work or product. Avoid deciding a name through a personal touch basis, if it is irrelevant to your business. However, if it matches with it, you can always name it as a symbol and derive self-satisfaction.  

Feedbacks or Opinions    


In case you have any names in your mind that you wish to finalize, you can always take the opinions of others. Maybe someone who is on your team, or your family, friends, and so on. Feedbacks or opinions are always helpful and give you an insight into other’s perceptions or understanding of the same subject. If possible, you can also try getting feedback from your target audience, as they would give their opinion on the basis of the product and the name. 


Your business name should sound appealing to others, especially your target audience. We normally say what’s in a name, but it plays a major role in the long run. If the name is appealing enough, then you do not have to worry about your customer forgetting the name after one purchase or usage. Your business name should also sound appealing to the competitors which would help you build your brand in the market. 
Be creative, you can select a name that is a result of some creativity and gives it a touch of uniqueness when spelled on. However, the name should not be like a novel where only the author understands how the story goes and the reader is completely blank about the story. It should be creative yet easy to understand for your target audience, without creating any confusion. 
Choosing a business name is not lengthy or brainstorming work, it can be easy and subtle depending on which factors you choose. By keeping certain criteria’s in mind such as the selected name being Unique, Appealing, creative, Easy to remember, and having a personal touch, you can easily come up with a suitable name for your business.   

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